Aka: Satoko HOJO

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Metalblade94 Apr 10, 2019

I want to give this poor little child a hug because of what she’s been through 

TheRogueStudent Apr 8, 2019

What she went through was really sad whoever thinks it's cool to hate her just jump off a cliff because her retarded uncle completely shattered her confidence and all keiichi try to do is save her from that evil cunt.

Metalblade94 Mar 17, 2019

the 710 who downvoted her clearly have no heart. First of all she’s just a little child. That lost her parents and she had to live with her piece of shit uncle. Seriously cut this poor kid some slack. 

OpheliaStorm Oct 28, 2018

Anyone who hates her, I'd advise you to never have kids. She was like seven. She couldn't have understood the toll she took on her brother at that age, and neither could you or I. She developed and learned from her mistakes. She has talents the others could never have despite her age. She can be just as awesome as the others, especially in the Shion arc and the vast majority of Kai.

Amirotheninja Apr 10, 2018

Wow all the hate for Satoko. Sure she's stubborn and a little annoying. But I grew on her because her life is so fucked up. 2 little girls living together. That's ducked up also. SHE IS FUCKING CUTE. NII-NII. But not like Rika is the cutest