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kanamaatti12 Dec 3, 2019

I just hate how he treated sakura and he's just annoying

Oblithian Nov 24, 2019

Ohhhh nooooooo Sasuke! #3 in most dislikes...

I feel bad my ex-girlfriend's most beloved character just sucks so much.

YamEnele Nov 21, 2019

Woah!!! It's funny to see Sakura x Sasuke couple to be most hated characters! I love the couple way back in grade school (when I first saw Naruto) I haven't finished Season 1 or I haven't even watched half of it, but it's too much! Sasuke is the most copied characters in anime now, it's sad to see him in Most hatable character here. 

AnonymousFan2014 Nov 13, 2019

Hate how he treated Sakura, he didn't deserve her

KiraShounin Nov 4, 2019

Most people always praise my taste in anime and anime characters, but when they see that Sasuke is my second favorite character they always take it back hahaha. I just think that his character arc is phenomenal. It’s certainly not perfect, but for me it kinda is. Unfortunately, unlikeable characters will almost always be controversial no matter how well written they are.