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Lachy9543 Jan 19, 2021

This kid has the biggest amount of plot armor i have ever seen he should have died in the final battel between him and naruto. In Boruto it is treted like all his past crimes are just forgotten i mean this guy did some pretty evil things and they are forgiven like they were nothing.I hate him and he is the worst chareter in all of anime.

Bennboy Jan 17, 2021

The ultimate product of Naruto's talk no jistu

istafa13 Jan 17, 2021

the hate he gets is totally not justified,he suffered the most so he got misguided but his best friend naruto took him out of that hell and see him now as the supporting Hokage.He is my favourite anime character of all time,he was in hell but naruto made him what he is now

Clypsedra Jan 16, 2021

A little disoriented but still entertaining

Dashinator Jan 7, 2021

He doesn't deserve the hate he gets LOVE HIMMMMMM