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Anubhaba Sep 28, 2020

I don't know either to hate him or like him .

But he is not a character to be hated .

It's understandable to hate though :v

marilynn Sep 24, 2020

this guy sucks and has nothing to offer but EDGE 

Piyush012606 Sep 24, 2020

sasuke is an amazing and also a very important character in the naruto series. He is strong and charismatic. idk y people hate on him, this guy had to live with the pain of seeing his own clan being killed by his brother, although his brother did all that to protect him but the village high table always put him in the dark. at last he wanted to destroy the village because what the village had done to his clan and people. But just a reminder he even came to protect the village in NARUTO THE MOVIE LAST, sasuke became really mature by time and understood his responsiblity as he was the person who was given the task to find the lead in kara case. IDK y people hate his so much.

Animeblcomicfangirl Sep 24, 2020

Lmfao sasuke and sakura are truly meant for each other i mean sakuras number 2 most hated while sasukes number 3 lmfao i really cant believe that i cant 🤣🤣🤣on another note i like sasuke he m8ght not be the best friend but as naruto said wht he did was understandable....not it really wasnt but i still dont hate him i wuite like him i love naruto a million times better tho

jotarokujo9 Sep 21, 2020

Little fucking cunt that wanted to suck off Naruto but meant that he had to "avenge" his clan, in his mind that meant killing itachi only when he killed him he learned itachi liked the village which drove him to try and destroy it?! THIS GUYS IS JUST THE LOWEST OF TRASH.