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killuq May 22, 2020

Some people in comments havent even watched naruto, yet they still like like him, I still have mixed feelings about him in the middle of shippuden tho.

LimeWire May 19, 2020

The reason I like Sasuke and Nagato the most, is that they are true people. Its completly unreal to think of Naruto or Sarutobi behavior for example, there is no way people can be that apathic with things.

This character passes by a lot of changes, most of the part he is being manipulated by those who hold information he doesnt. I know that maybe his brother had good intentions, but most of the reason people get to hate this character is because of the traits he inherited by the extent of manipulation and torture his brother placed upon him.

Its an amazing character, but unfortunatly he is in a shounen manga. Sasuke have no place in a Shounen manga which is directed to under 16 yo.

Still, until the very end, he is the character that had the most development and changes in the show.

Couldnt care less to who is stronger, he or the other main character, Sasuke and Naruto fans will fight till the very end about this. I will just stick will the only oficial info we have about it on the Databooks, stating them as equals in power.

xida2t May 13, 2020

I like how Sasuke and Sakura have double the amount of comments than the main character, and they have more comments than Kakashi and Naruto's combined lol

herpesfree May 6, 2020

I don't get why people hate him so much. Underrated character.People who call him a bitchy emo or jerk are retarded.
1) This guy saw his parents murdered by his own brother.
2)Forced to see his parents death multiple times through genjutsu.(After this I would have literally gone insane idk how he still stayed sane after that).
3)Forced to kill his brother due to Vengeant only to know later that his brother was a hero.4) Driven by guilt for hating his brother all this time.I think these reasons are enough to know why he had this kind of bitchy character. Just imagine yourself in his position. I love the fact that like most of the characters in anime he is not perfect.He has his flaws which makes him unique.Fuck you haters. You guys also forget his good points.Like how he was the one to give Naruto food even after Kakashis warning, taking ice shards from Haku to protect naruto, running to save Naruto when Itachi went to kidnap Naruto etc etc. He redeemed himself so give him a break.

giodaymehokagueayoub May 4, 2020

sasuke is the best and strongest charactere in naruto