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biribirii Mar 11, 2019

He’s pretty much a shitty ass person in shippuden and I understand the hate believe me. I hate him but pity him at the same time. Because he’s been basically brainwashed by his older brother that he needed to obtain as much strength to get revenge for his clan. As much as you guys love itachi and understand his reasoning you gotta have him shoulder some of the blame for sausake’s actions. If you think about all sasuke’s actions it leads back to one person his brother. Which makes me wonder why he’s more liked than sasuke. 

gloomboi Dec 23, 2018

You have no idea how hard I was for me to either choose if I love or hate him. He was such a dick of a character, and the only people who strongly stan him are the kids that have only watched Naruto and not Naruto shippuden. He is vital for the story and the story line, and there are people with personalities like him, so he is not an unreasonable character, but he is so difficult because all he does is crap things to all the other characters(especially naruto, sakura, and itachi), but he is so cool at the same time. Honestly I have never found the huge appeal of him, even though I went through an intense emo phase, and we all know how those emos be towards Sasuke. If you have watched naruto and naruto shippuden you can more than likely understand my stress with this character. I still went with a heart though, i guess i love him, even though at times I will literally be cursing him out through a screen.

NightTonight Nov 4, 2018

Love his lighting style. But as a character he could be more like Minato and then he'd be amazing

arianagrxnde Oct 17, 2018

this guy i used to date loved naruto and his favorite character was sasugay and tbh that's why i don't date men anymore