Aka: Potato Girl

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randomguy87 Jun 8, 2018


Masashi141 May 6, 2018

*Sighs* I won't shed tears anymore for this series. Episode 21 already did that for me. 

randomguy87 May 5, 2018

To be fair, she had been living on a borrowed time for the past 70 chapters. Not as bad as Bruno after his first encounter with King Crimson who became a zombie.

caeIi May 5, 2018

BEAUTIFUL AMAZING WOMAN, screw isayama for doing her so dirty 

randomguy87 May 4, 2018

Didn't realize I haven't liked her yet. I'm going to wait until the next chapter to confirm her death before I can post that link to a certain music from Jojo Part 2.