Aka: Princess Mononoke

Gender: Female
Hair Color: Brown
Rank #566
Rank #9,288

Orphaned and raised by the god, Moro, San belongs to the Wolf Clan. Like her brothers, she fights every day to rid her beloved forest of human intruders and bears paticular animosity toward the enroaching iron works. Though most humans see her as a viscious animal, she does have the full range of human emotion and reasoning. She augments the effects of her feral fighting style by wearing a tribal mask into battle, which strikes fear into her enemies.

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Anime Roles

Princess Mononoke Main

Manga Roles

Princess Mononoke Main

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DarkVeghetta Nov 17, 2023

It's likely been more than two decades since I've seen this anime; it was when I was but a wee lad. One of the very few things I vividly remember about it is that I UTTERLY LOATHED this character and everything she stood for with a burning passion that's not died down in over twenty years!

Gooo humanity! The wild gods and her can *expletive* right off.

JakeMoment Sep 25, 2022

Why didn't she have leg hair. She was getting raised by wolves so she was absolutely not shaving them bitches

puredemonfighter88 Apr 17, 2021

Out of all her scenes, the one I liked the most was her reaction to Ashitaka saying "You're beautiful". That reaction alone says a LOT about her. It was no doubt the first compliment she ever got.

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