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Lachy9543 Jan 19, 2021

In the 1st show i agree that she was pretty useless but from the second show onwards she becomes more and more useful and just a better charecter

Gumba69 Jan 16, 2021

yall wrong for this, yes she was a brat when she was younger and terrible to naruto and only really like saskue for his looks. not to mention her being ueseltss alot of the time, but homegirl has grown up and shes one of the strongest and more respected nijas in the village. not even netionig her being hella of a good doctor and saving tons of people. She wayyyy  better then hinata when she finally gets to have a personality and not just love interst tsudere girl we had to have for gender diversity purposes. 

ManLikeJogee Jan 10, 2021

Hated here since the beginning till now , she's a legit thot, SASUKE SASUKE SASUKE , even when he's trying to kill her all she thinks is OH MY BABY SASUKE 

MonsieurWeaboo Jan 7, 2021

She's  honestly not that bad as people say she is. It's a shame that she's the 2nd most hated character.

juveniledrabbles Dec 24, 2020

It's so obvious Sakura starts to love Naruto as a friend pretty early on. Sure she nags him a lot but that's just their dynamic. She became a medical ninja literally to help support him. I don't understand why she gets so much hate when Sasuke doesn't and his decisions are so much worse than hers. Not to mention she was born with nothing to make her stronger but still became one of the strongest and trusted ninjas in the village. People denounce her without any reason and it's so tiring tbh.