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TheIllIntent Nov 26, 2018

*Sigh.* She had a lot of potential in Part 1 and I really did want to like her, but then I just could not stand the way her character was written and "developed" for most of Part 2 and beyond. One of the worst written heroines in the history of the Shonen genere, and the saddest part is that by the end she's still the BEST character out of her, Naruto, and Sasuke.

arindam911 Nov 10, 2018

She is my second favourite Female Character and has great Character devolopment 

matthappy Nov 6, 2018

she is a bitch, but you cannot neggate that she has a sensual body XD

GoldenPantherJack9 Oct 30, 2018

Worst character in Naruto.

I'm surprised that she only has two hate Ranking. 

She should have more hate ranking as she is a terrible, abusive character.

AjChakma Oct 28, 2018

Pretty much the most hated person from Naruto ....