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itschiswe Dec 10, 2019

Surprisingly enough i don´t hate her. I didn´t enjoy her in the classic Naruto but in Shippuden she grew on me. I dont´t say I like her but as i said I don´t hate her either. Shes just there I guess. Might sound rude but thats my opinion.

darkside90 Nov 22, 2019

(Spoiler alert) I just don't like how Sakura treats Naruto. Naruto goes so far for Sakura and Sakura never treats Naruto well. She is also very shallow and her character growth is nonexistent (including when she turns into an adult in Boruto). She also raises Sarada poorly, as we can see from her early awakening of Sharangian cause of mental trama of bad parenting.

YamEnele Nov 21, 2019

Woahh?? really? most hated? I feel sad for Sakura.. I haven't finished Naruto series though.

Jaganshi Nov 13, 2019

So I see it's still cool to hate Sakura.

TsumiMitzuki Oct 3, 2019

Both girls are equally annoying to me from my pov.

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