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Kenkaneki129 Jul 28, 2021

She useless change my mind with out sayings how she heals normal people and how she punched that mother girl in end kagura was it i forgot and besides those 2 things doesn't have a major impact on story .

iwreckyou Jul 25, 2021

In OG Naruto, Sakura is a total bitch. In Shippuden, shes delusiuonal as hell. In Boroto, she is actually not completely useless. Quite the progression I'd say but shes still annoying.

rayinthepot Jul 22, 2021

i love her sm y'all mean

alyssanotfound Jul 21, 2021

shes so useless pls remember when ppl liked her

XxMalakaxX Jul 20, 2021

S A K U R A  I S  T H E  W O R S T  P E R I O D.

Her whole purpose in the show is to obsess over Sasuke who doesnt give a shit about her. Naruto can be dying and Sasuke can have a bruise and she will just be like SASUKE NOOO. She does not even do anything ever time its Naruto and Sasuke fighting and her screaming in the background. In Naruto shippuden she is not really helpless anymore but shes the same brat she always was. Her telling Naruto she "loves him" was just sad she just said that cause he got stronger and sasuke is gone and she really gonna say it infront of everyone like how attention seeking can you get. Also she really was about to kill a innocent person for sasuke and marry him after he tried to kill her wth. Sakura sucks end of discussion.