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roseotaku7 May 29, 2020

whoever thinks sakura is usless remember she saved naruto many times ,top medical ninja in the village, she helped with the war

if u think she is annoying because she thinks she caught up with naruto and sasuke in my opinion she caught up in another way by becoming the top ninja in her field 

medical ninjas are not supposed to be strong to be useful BUT atleast she is strong enough to protect herself and some others 

dont compare her to naruto and sasuke they both are top ninjas in fighting not medical

xSheDevilx May 26, 2020

Sakura didn't come from a high background and she grew stronger through willpower and practice. Naruto has the fox in him, Sasuke is from a powerful clan, Sakura came from nothing and became something. I think she's much more impressive.

unicorn1116 May 26, 2020

Just HIGHKEY annoying. Thinks she is the same level as everyone else. And all she did in the chunnin exams is that in the forest she cut her hair & get hurt. 

killuq May 26, 2020

She thinks she made it to the same level as sasuke and naruto, she just really annoying.

TheBlackShinobi May 19, 2020

The bitch's ungrateful with Naruto