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jamesyboiii148 Oct 13, 2021

shes a meggggggggaaaaaaaaa bitch who brings nothing but having i like bad boys issues and utter uselessness throughout naruto then shippuden and in boruto the only reason no one talks bout her in that is cause there all distracted by boruto being and utter twat that u wanna skin alive  for the first 60 odd episodes 

qtkeju Oct 11, 2021

I really don't get why people hate her that much, she isn't useless at all

3o4 Oct 8, 2021

I HATE THIS BITCH but in boruto she cool i guess 

IronMarshall Oct 7, 2021

In the OG naruto she was absolutely useless and annoying. In naruto shippuden (so after the little 3-year-timeskip in the story) she became pretty cool, even started liking and respecting her. However this bitch really lied to naruto about loving him and underestimated him when doing so trying to convince him to stop going for sasuke. This hoe also lied to and knocked her own friends for the sake of "handling things" with sasuke by herself (which obviously she couldn't since she's useless). Sasuke tried killing her plenty of times, betrayed the leaf (which sakura also considered doing just because of him), tried killing the "closest" people to her and yet, this stupid fucking retarded bitch keeps yabbing on about her love for him and still is so fucking annoying on this matter. She is manipulative, selfish, stupid and overall so fucking annoying.

Fuck this hoe, she should kill herself

Thechosenweeb Oct 5, 2021

Sakura was useless in the first 9 seasons, she was even worse for making fun of naruto for not having a dad, but I do admit that after season 9 she did save naruto and many others life's, so she's not completely useless.