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someguy123 Jan 26, 2019

People forget how she helped Naruto and Sasuke during the forest of death arc and how she regularly visits people in the hospital and even her training with Tsunade. I think the hate she gets is undeserved.

biribirii Jan 24, 2019

We can’t forget how useless her character was through the whole 200 episodes of Naruto and her obsession over sasuke didn’t make her any more likeable. Jesus she hits Naruto every minute she has screen time and for what??? Let’s not forget when we get to shippuden and she finally gets a useful skill but can’t do shit when she faced in front of Sasuke. If someone tries kill me I definitely wouldn’t have babies with them lmao. But I don’t blame Sasuke for wanting her dead.

Axopti Jan 15, 2019

she was useless until sometime into shippuden but she was still annoying

melhn Jan 9, 2019


WittyDevil Jan 3, 2019

What a useless cunt.

I hadn't watched the show in a few years and I had forgotten just how terrible of a character she is. She's annoying as fuck, incredibly selfish, and just unbelievably useless. Up until episode 141 she doesn't even fucking TRY to improve herself, it's just a cycle of - fuck up and either get Naruto hurt or make him save her, or both, - cry about being weak - repeat. So far in this watch through there has literally not been a SINGLE thing she has done that could not have been done as well, if not even better, by any other shinobi or even a fucking civilian. Like, jesus christ, I'm not normally an angry person but she is just so fucking awful in every way that it pisses me off.