Sakamichi ONODA

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BaagaJB15 Oct 16, 2019

Probably won’t ever finish the anime but from the first episode i like this guy 

Axelist Aug 14, 2019

I'm still not sure if I like or I hate him. I love his development but he's always over thinking things that it starts to get annoying.

Chamality Apr 16, 2018


ForeverGlows May 10, 2017

He is my son, i love him 

do ur best onoda!!

superzaiyan Jan 4, 2017

This guy gets a lot of hate but actually don't deserve it. All I saw was people whining how he's annoying, but fails to explain why in a logical manner.

His character development is just right. This anime is going for a lot of seasons. He is a precious kid--nice and lovable and pure. Almost doesn't do anything bad. He loves cycling and he goes for it. 

Maybe he's too "average" and "glasses" is not edgy enough for the edgelords.