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Raulzus Sep 21, 2018

Best Death Note character; fight me.

TealIce Jul 20, 2018

He's great I love him

babebay May 16, 2018

Of course, he's a favorite hes flippen awesome besides L i couldn't find a more loveable character



sushisushisushi Apr 3, 2018

ryuk is cool. even though i nearly s*** my pants the first time he appeared i find him very funny plus hes the only reason i ever would want to have an apple as a snack. (not much of a healthy child) -_-

dan8 Mar 16, 2018

I thought that this character was quite scary!! omg! then again he was a really nice person who had a decent motive toward his goals... He was much nicer when he was feed hahaha. Not a person youd want to hangout with really, but i thinc he could do good, and still do...