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Harukichan11 Dec 9, 2017

she was fine i guess..... i liked kyou more...... but they both didnt interfere after they knew okazaki liked nagisa

Bubbas Oct 8, 2014

I don't like the Fujibayashi twins, i used to like her, but she don't care about Tomoya feelings - just like Kyou - anyway, why people love the Fujibayashi twins? 

Cululush Oct 13, 2012

Well, I may be a bit biased, considering I really love her twin sister, but nevertheless, I think this girl deserves the Electric Chair. Now, sure, those who saw the anime most likely can't relate to what I'm saying, but those who played Kyou's arc in the Visual Novel can fully grasp what I've written here. All the following will be based on her character in the VN, not the anime. She is a b***h, she lives in her own fantasy land(Sort of), and doesn't care what Tomoya feels(I'll refrain from adding more to this). I didn't really mind her in the beginning, but you know she's on a whole new level of b***h(Couldn't think of a different word) by the end of the game. Well, I wouldn't say she's a HORRIBLE character, but she made me feel no compassion for her, and all of my positive thoughts of her disappeared the moment you enter the twins' arc.Anime wise - she's not a bad character, at all. Not much to add, really.VN wise - I wanted to strangle her with a power cord.