Gender: Male
Hair Color: Brown
Rank #2,050
Rank #2,775
I this character

Anime Roles

Fruits Basket Minor
Fruits Basket 1st Season Minor
Fruits Basket 2nd Season Minor
Fruits Basket the Final Season Minor

Manga Roles

Fruits Basket Minor

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CureMath Apr 13, 2024

stop calling her a crossdresser or a femboy. she shows several signs that make it obvious that she's a trans woman

Lamia69MJ Aug 28, 2023

Honestly Boys Who Crossdres are the ones who Bloome into Gorgeous Handsome Sexy Men...Look it up..after his Haircut he's so 😍....

Rookblonkorules Dec 8, 2022

I used to dislike him, but now I kinda stan him. 

weeaboop Jun 16, 2022

it made me sad that everyone was always saying "he's a boy by the way" to every new person ritsu met, especially when ritsu never seemed to want to bring it up. ritsu seemed fine and happy to be percieved as a woman.

while there are lots of people who enjoy crossdressing and that's all there is to it, there are also people who have deep discomfort with their birth gender. since this is a work of fiction, nothing is real or confirmed obviously. but the fact stands that it seems no matter what real life people do, no matter how they feel inside, no matter who they say they are, japanese and some other cultures will always just label them as "crossdressers", rather than transgender people. 

when she wanted to die on the roof, for me it contrasted so heavily against the comedic tone of most of fruits basket, and she touched on some really deep topics with tohru. i'm sure most people found her annoying, but given the way she was treated in her life it is no wonder she's permanently apologizing for who she is and the space she takes up. she's written out as a classic cowardly character but i find her brave for staying alive when society is constantly sending her messages that she's "worthless' or an "embarassment".

things are slowly getting better for people born this way in the real world, so hopefully ten years down the imaginary fruitsbasket timeline, ritsu also has a space where she can be confident and accepted for who she is.