Gender: Male
Hair Color: Black
Rank #2,231
Rank #5,953

Anime Roles

Mob Psycho 100 Secondary
Mob Psycho 100 II Secondary
Mob Psycho 100 II: The First Spirits and Such Company Trip - A Journey that Mends the Heart and Heals the Soul Secondary
Mob Psycho 100 Reigen: The Miraculous Unknown Psychic Secondary

Manga Roles

Mob Psycho 100 Secondary

Related Characters

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Chamality Apr 27, 2020

Me trying to wrap my head around some of these comments. 

@[email protected]

YukinaZero Apr 16, 2020

Me: Thinks that Ritsu's pretty chill

Me*Looking at the comments*: 0_o.   

Still pretty ok tho

candydr0ps Mar 31, 2017

also not even sorry for spamming your wall reetsu :v

candydr0ps Mar 31, 2017

.... wat tge fck

If i listed out my reasons for all their similar it's because i can see how they're similar... like why else would i even list them at all..? 😒

  > ""attack""  ... yeah, no

I could've been a hella lot more rude if i wanted to but didn't even see the need to since, oh i don't know.. nothing actually happened?? Srsly tho, what else have we done besides roast tf out of Slapsuke and come up w/ names for both Reese's Puffs & Sausage?

know they're similar to an extent,,, what i DO disagree on is that ritz crackeryama is "close" to saske uchigay (screw these names) since Sauce is much worse. Honestly tho at this point does it even matter now, y'know what as long as Ritsu > Sasuke is the common consent in some way then who cares. Even a gotdam trashcan > Sasuke is good enough.

  • Sasque is still the fag prince it's not just my opinion it's a cold hard fact :vv

PFFFFFF who even said i was human i've been ded since forever nice try tho 😏

For all ur Ritsuke needs 

candydr0ps Mar 30, 2017

It can't get more stupid if it was never serious in the 1st place 👀

Oh OK then- wait....

  > "close"

Wh- what,,, dude Suckerspray is on an entire different level of douchebag-ness where only he fits. Basically:

  • Worst Ritsu has done: be an ass to everyone (must be a combination of puberty & his emo), beat up some delinquents we don't even care abt, challenge mob, ruined some other students' school lives
  • Worst Sasuke has done: betrayed his village + only friends for a pedo-snake, tried to kill his only friend, be an even bigger ass to everyone, disrespect his ded brother's wishes & planned to destroy what he died trying to protect, tried to kill the girl who was nice to him 24/7, tried to kill other girl who was  helped him, wanted to become Hokagay all of a sudden, tried to kill some important ppl during a meeting, etc...

And y'know what he says after allll that??

Predominantly: mainly; for the most part

C'mon Ritsu isn't always a jerkass :/ Yea he's rude to everyone & needs a chill pill but at least he's redeemable unlike Sasucce (even tho he did get redeemed in the end but that doesn't erase eeveeerything he's done)

Um.. so is Teru??? (albeit in a good way) This is the boy who casually burned a man to death & did way more damage to mob as an antagonist but i don't see him being as controversial as Rice Krispies here. Don't get me wrong,, Teru's still great but he's just as bad of a kid (if not worse) than Ritsu. Overall i just think Ritsu's character was handled a hell of a lot better than Sasuke's character (sasukeh annoyed tf out of me)

K i;m dooonee

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