Gender: Female
Hair Color: Red
Rank #796
Rank #6,619

At a towering height of 172 cm (5'8''), Risa has supermodel potential...if only she had the looks. Like any awkward high school girl, this Plain Jane spends her days pining for love and sulking on the shoulders of her more romantically successful girl friends. Her wayward emotions get the better of her, however, when she finds herself falling for a boy who has always been so close to her...yet seems now to be beyond her grasp...

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Anime Roles

Lovely Complex Main

Manga Roles

Love★Com Main
Lovely Complex Two Minor

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Nayza77 Feb 7, 2024

Por mais que eu goste de Lovely Complex, a Risa é o tipo de personagem que eu menos gosto. Parece que ela não consegue pensar na propria vida, não consegue entender ou raciocinar os sentimentos e a vida dos amigos. O mundo dela só gira em torno do Otani o tempo todo. Uma completa boboca.

mvtyldx Aug 25, 2022

sometimes i didnt understand her actions but i love her anyways

YEMURR Jun 28, 2022

I love her so much she is pretty funny and deserves better than that idiot midget

KaedeAkamatsuSimp384 Feb 3, 2022

i feel so bad for her

especially since im pretty tall too (not as taller than all the boys tho so i don't really get it) so i get why she must feel self concious... and when her crush doesn't believe that she likes him... so relatable... me and my friends spent half an hour trying to convince him i liked him bc he was like "THAT'S IMPOSSIBLE. WE WERE TALKING LIKE FRIENDS THIS MORNING." and then when he actually was convinced he was like "I'LL THINK ABT IT" 

just like what happened here :<

Rookblonkorules Oct 22, 2021

The scene in the manga where she's trying to work up the nerve to confess is literally the most relatable thing in the world to me.