Aka: Tsucchi

Gender: Male
Hair Color: Black
Rank #4,081
Rank #2,428

Kind hearted and friendly, Rin is very popular - especially with the ladies. He is nice to a fault, and his attempts to keep everyone happy usually leads to at least one person being hurt. Massively undecisive, he is envied by many other guys because of the women who flock around him in the vain hope of one day being his woman. With a dark past, Rin now lives without his parents and only his childhood friend to look after him.

I this character

Anime Roles

Shuffle! Main
Shuffle! Memories Main
Shuffle! Prologue Main

Manga Roles

Really? Really! - Remember Memories Main
Shuffle! Main
Shuffle! (Light Novel) Main
Tick! Tack! - Never Say Goodbye Main

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Enseiii Apr 14, 2023

dudes a snitch and an insensitive prick

RoachCoconut Mar 17, 2021

I hate ths dude, he has like 5 or 6 girls falling at his feet at his every freaking move and the literal princess of the god and devil worlds and he doesnt decide to "like" anyone untill they show up and he decides to like his childhood friend, like why would he wait untill now to do that not to mention literally living with a girl that takes perfect care for him and obvioulsy loves him but nah hes gonna wait untill he has more girls to make a decision he could have made a long time ago, he just makes me angry hes pathetic

Sam234io Mar 10, 2021

This person has made the most stupid choices in the histry of anime i have watched.you can say this character is worth despising

XD21N1 Feb 15, 2021

I respect his choice but this dude missed OUT on a chance to BECOME THE RULER OF HEAVEN AND HELL!!!

(dont know if he does become the ruler in the manga)

If I was given this opportunity to become the ruler of both realm I would of do it in a heartbeat. "Me become the ruler of both realms? Sure why not". (sorry for bad grammar at the time I'm writing this it 6:16 AM morning)