Gender: Female
Hair Color: Blonde
Rank #1,842
Rank #3,369

A  brave, energetic and determined child who was born in the Abyss and dreams of descending into its depths to locate her missing mother, a famous cave raider known as Lyza the Annihilator. Riko wears eyeglasses because exposure to the lower levels of the Abyss as a newborn damaged her eyes. Having grown up in Belchero, a place where orphaned children learn to excavate the upper levels of the Abyss to raise money for the orphanage, the young girl already has some experience as a Red Whistle, or apprentice cave raider. She is also talented at cooking and repairing machines. 

I this character

Anime Roles

Made in Abyss Main
Made in Abyss: Hourou Suru Tasogare Main
Made in Abyss Movie: Dawn of the Deep Soul Main
Made in Abyss: Tabidachi no Yoake Main
Made in Abyss: The Golden City of the Scorching Sun Main

Manga Roles

Made in Abyss Main
Made in Abyss Official Anthology Main

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Ibmthi Jun 7, 2023

Kinda useless and carried by Reg for the most part. Motive is also lacking.

MiniiChan Mar 20, 2023

She is such a sunshine ahhh <3

tsizkeyk Feb 9, 2023

She's a good character, I'd argue she's the best choice of a protagonist for the story of Made in Abyss. I don't see her as naive, she's resourceful and knowledgable, fully aware of the risks (and actually experiencing them) yet pushing on and not losing her excitement for new discoveries. It's Riko's sense of wonder that makes MiA what it is. It would be an entirely different narrative without her.

Claptrap Aug 25, 2022

i'm surprised how he hated she is mainly because she's very similar to early hxh gon. yeah, riko doesn't get any major powerups because this is not a shounen but what the series tick is her fucked up assurity that they have to get to the bottom or die trying. and she's prepared to lay it all on the line. there's something deeply wrong with her, but much like a character like gon, that feels like part of the appeal.