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xInvalidx Jul 8, 2020

Hint: don't watch ecchi if you want anime with meaningful characters. Don't torture yourself watching it if you don't like it. Same with borderline hentai. Very rarely will you find a good character in this genre. The purpose of ecchi and this character is to arouse people, hence all of the excessive fanservice. Mostly sexually frustrated teenagers.

ninho Jul 1, 2020

Great "personality"

atamreF Jul 1, 2020

As somebody who is nearly finished with the final season, I can confirm Rias has zero intricacy, originality, and development. She is no more than a sex symbol in a cheap disguise.

KingKonSama Jun 13, 2020

I love her motherly personality, it's charming. And she's very modest too, rarely show off her immense power throughout the series. (Issei does the fighting usually, being the main hero)

Atomez Dec 24, 2019

@TsumiMitzuki. You can't judge her if you only watched part of DXD. You need to watch the whole series to see her development and learn about her. She is more than just fanservice, in the DXD lightnovel there is no such thing as fanservice but still Rias is still a well made character in the novel.