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suiren85 Jun 12, 2017

yeah, i love this guy!

RenjiA31 May 9, 2017

i am obssessed with this Character so much, I just love him

nek0mimi Jul 3, 2016

Really though, how can anyone hate this sweet angel?? And so many people too... it makes me sad.

Anyway, best character in Bleach IMO, I love him so much

BleachSta4Ever Jul 13, 2014

Love renji he's a great character totally helps out with ichigo and @yoninayo yes he starts out cool and sure there may possibly be no development with him but that is cuz characters often get left out and renji is one of them when it comes to character yea

SilverCat9 Oct 11, 2012

Renji's probably my favourite anime character of all time! I love him! :D