Gender: Female
Hair Color: Brown
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As a child, Rei promised to marry her childhood friend Takashi when they were older - though she eventually ended up with his friend Hisashi instead. She is kind, strong-willed and good with a staff in battle.

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Anime Roles

Highschool of the Dead Main
Highschool of the Dead: Drifters of the Dead Main

Manga Roles

Gakuen Mokushiroku: Highschool of the Head Main
Highschool of the Dead Main

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DinosaurLord97 Jul 9, 2023

Everything about her is disgusted me like she broke her promises to Takashi when they were a child she said to him " when we get older we're going get married it'sapromise" but in high school she broke that promises by dating Takashi's best friend... I bet if Hisashi didn't get bitten she will treat Takashid the same. (But honestly in my opinion she doesn't deserve to be liked. But I respect your opinion)

CeresKyoraku May 15, 2023

I can't stand her, the worst in the series for sure.

Molidae Jan 24, 2023

Rei is my favorite character in the entire series. People often fault her for being moody or because of her unstable relationship with Takashi, but I really do believe that adds to the complexity of her character. She's a teenage girl whose world just fell apart in front of her and she had to watch her boyfriend (at the time) die. Obviously, she is going to be an emotional wreck. I enjoy the moodiness and fickleness of her character because it is a good representation of the series as a whole, which tells a messy and frantic story. While she is prone to irritability, she still has several endearing, nurturing, and cute moments that help to balance her character and give her likability. Combined with her intelligence, perceptive skills, and competence when fighting, she is a well-rounded character. She is far from perfect, but that is what makes her interesting.

For a series that relies heavily on fanservice and gore, she still manages to come out well-written and realistic. Prior to the first episode, she settled for dating a boy who treated her well over being with Takashi, who she was really in love with because he would never come forth and make a move on her. Watching her and Takashi's relationship develop is easily one of the most interesting parts of the series and we see Takashi's character grow specifically because of Rei. Takashi became bold because he had no choice but to stop being stagnant after chaos broke loose. Ironically, experiencing an apocalypse was the push that he needed to make a move on the girl that he was in love with and begin to fight for something. For an angsty series like HOTD, Rei is a perfect choice for a female lead. Regardless of whether or not viewers love or hate her, she still holds great significance in the story and her character is necessary for the development of the lead character, Takashi. 

OliviaJB Nov 28, 2022

I dislike her because I feel like she plays with Takashi's feelings. 


Like she wouldn't have fallen for him again if her boyfriend who she left him (takashi) for didn't die.

I think she just likes the idea of being in a relationship because she fell back in love with takashi in a matter of a few hours maybe in a day after her bf died. because for us its episodes long, but in the anime its only been a few days.

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