Gender: Male
Hair Color: Brown
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Claymore Secondary

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Claymore Secondary

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Ruzland Jul 30, 2023


AlexAlfred Apr 12, 2023

Honestly, he's one of the most irritating characters I've seen. She should've let him die to shut his annoying mouth up. 

amz432 Mar 15, 2023

Based on anime only:

Jeeez, he's such an annoying character.. sure, he has human reactions and he's substancial for the Clare to remain human too, but I just can't stand him. I don't mind him being weak, crying or whatever. This is actually really believable and understandable. But I hate his idiotic will to protect her even though she is so powerful and he is a weakling. He could strive to protect her humanity, be for her and support her mentally, but he just wanted to be knight in shining armor. He just puts her at risk many times, because he never listen to anyone and stay in the middle of the fights just to distract her. I can't deny he had his part in preventing Clare from becoming Yoma, but it was Jean who really saved her at the crucial moment.

He also prevented her from ending Pricilla who was a total psycho. Sparing her life didn't help Clare stay human, killing one more Yoma wouldn't make a difference. On the contrary, it would finally put her mind at ease. But no... now they have one more powerful enemy to be afraid of in the future. It's like when Clare softened Teresa so she decided to take mercy on Pricilla and it went south from that moment. I know this decision was in line with her character development, but it would make more sense to stay alive at all cost just to make sure she can take care of Clare. She said herself that she has someone to live for so why risk it? But apart from that, at least meeting little Clare really changed Teresa for better and I could feel the bond between them. 

For those who watched terror in resonance: he reminds me of no less irritating Lisa who befriended Nine and Twelve. She made them feel needed and was important for their character development but at the same time she was always a hindrance. There are a lot of characters like that and I don't get it why most of the times they are written to be annoying af. And the main characters don't even get angry which is less believable than any other supernatural thing in the series.

I know the characters have to make bad choices to get a story going but why these support characters always have to weaken the main leads? Why taking care of someone equals making bad decisions?

senqyuf Mar 10, 2023

I love him although he gets annoying in the last ep, I don't get mad at him too much because he is doing it for Clare's sake even though she has the right to kill her enemy plus it isn't canon because the manga isn't finished at the time it's aired, so I can disregard it. Give him a chance and check out the manga, he is so much better there. 

Rookblonkorules Oct 14, 2021

I've loved him from the start but he really earned my respect when he wouldn't cry out when Ophelia hurt him so that Clare wouldn't be distracted. 

(will admit that I'm hoping his character doesn't revolve entirely around Clare though.)

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