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Guavalicious Aug 10, 2020

He is simply one word: AWESOME

jwirehair Dec 9, 2017

He’s ya know, AWESOME! XD

Even though he can be a big bully, he’s still likeable. Hilarious for one thing. 

ImACinnamonRoll Oct 5, 2017

SHIPS WITH CANADA!!!! He's totally awesome enough for the job of handleing my precious little maple leaf!

FairyTailFanPan18 Aug 20, 2017

I love Prussia so much! He is my favorite (in Hetalia). I even started a cult (Zhe Awesome Cult of Zhe Awesome Prussia) on Facebook that spawned a religion (Prussianism)

peachyxuan Feb 2, 2017

canon him is ok. fanon him, however, is a huge douchebag.