Gender: Female
Hair Color: Purple
Rank #1,190
Rank #7,625

Talkative, curious and outgoing, Pino acts like a typical bubbly child. Although she may look and act like one, she is actually a robot created as a surrogate child for a couple unable to have offspring of their own. Instead of the usual hollow personality of an AutoReiv, Pino is "infected" with a soul and subsequently seems to be almost human - especially when wearing her favourite pink bunny suit.

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Anime Roles

Ergo Proxy Main

Manga Roles

Ergo Proxy: Centzon Hitchers and Undertaker Main

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konpyuutasan Sep 3, 2019

Pino is, in the end, a machine and that weird juxtaposition is to me the heart of the series; the idea of projected identity, ego -- a proxy for the self. Now and again, she gives a very human reaction -- but the entirely wrong reaction for a human child and those subtleties in her character makes her, IMO, one of the best android characters on screen.

tenshon Feb 18, 2018

Impressive voice acting Akiko! Really sounded a 5 year old while being 38 years old.

About the char: I don't understand her role at all (why is she in it?), and too many unanswered questions about her: why did she help vincent escape? Why is she following him? ...

DarkVeghetta Dec 17, 2017

Pino was the lifeblood of this series as I watched it. As the series steeped itself in existential anguish like a frustrated and aimless teenager, she remained a beacon of good writing and humanity. She's a modern proxy (pun intended) of Pinochio and his journey; and to be quite honest her story, to me, is more endearing and interesting then that of the confused main cast.

PS: Bunny Pino is best Pino.

JJR1971 Jun 19, 2011

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