Gender: Female
Hair Color: Purple
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Talkative, curious and outgoing, Pino acts like a typical bubbly child. Although she may look and act like one, she is actually a robot created as a surrogate child for a couple unable to have offspring of their own. Instead of the usual hollow personality of an AutoReiv, Pino is "infected" with a soul and subsequently seems to be almost human - especially when wearing her favourite pink bunny suit.

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Ergo Proxy Main

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Ergo Proxy: Centzon Hitchers and Undertaker Main

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tenshon Feb 18, 2018

Impressive voice acting Akiko! Really sounded a 5 year old while being 38 years old.

About the char: I don't understand her role at all (why is she in it?), and too many unanswered questions about her: why did she help vincent escape? Why is she following him? ...

DarkVeghetta Dec 17, 2017

Pino was the lifeblood of this series as I watched it. As the series steeped itself in existential anguish like a frustrated and aimless teenager, she remained a beacon of good writing and humanity. She's a modern proxy (pun intended) of Pinochio and his journey; and to be quite honest her story, to me, is more endearing and interesting then that of the confused main cast.

PS: Bunny Pino is best Pino.

starshopping Jul 6, 2017

such a cute little girl

i don't know how anyone could dislike her

JJR1971 Jun 19, 2011

Despite being a robot, Pino is ironically probably the most human, and the most sympathetic of all the characters in Ergo Proxy by show's end.  I was so afraid for her near the end and would have been so very upset if she had "died"...I was also glad her adopted dad seemed to finally acccept her genuinely as his daughter.

It's so cute when she learns to just draw spontaenously like a real child rather than mechanically copy other people's work.

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