Pen Pen

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TruceKalispera Apr 27, 2020

can someone explain me if he has some secondary-hidden effect or if he's only useless? :3

miubot Jan 29, 2018

i Love how literally everything in this show is a logical take on the apocalypse and then the creators just got tired and said "fuck it let's give them a penguin"

n0thanks Jan 27, 2017

pen pen ily

pinkarray Feb 21, 2016

Why are you guys overreacting? People have their own preferences. I even press the dislike button for characters I don't even consider really hating. There is even a small amount of people who hated characters that a whole lot of people love including me.

eleuin Jan 2, 2015

59 people have no soul, there is literally no reason to hate this little guy