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LilyNadesico Aug 7, 2020

I liked him better when I was supposed to hate him.

Then Kishi tried to sell him as being "redeemed", even though he's basically Ninja Josef Mengele, and now I just hate him.

NightmareEyes Aug 5, 2020

Orochimaru reminds me of the "why won't you die?" meme.

JustAquitaines Aug 2, 2020

I don't know why I like him, someone please tell me why.

Noitra Jun 16, 2020

Fact: He is voiced By a woman.

YukinaZero May 31, 2020

The anime voldemort: orphan, child genius, obsessed with a preteen, enjoys torture, has a group of minions, talks to snakes, is noseless