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randomguy87 Mar 4, 2019

As much as I don't believe this allegation anymore, hell I'm still going to post this joke.

A cross between Voldemort and Michael Jackson. Inherited Voldemort's snake genes and Michael Jackson's child molesting genes.

I'll just go.

NativePerson Jan 15, 2019

What a nasty creepy dude he is... I swear I do not want him to be my boyfriend at all cause he is gross as hell I would say...

JigenDaisuke Nov 5, 2018

So Orochimaru was confirmed as canonically nonbinary this summer, it'd be cool as hell if you guys dropped the "male" gender marker to recognize that 

Scythi Sep 25, 2018

This guy, once an amazing and unsettling villain, seems to be in the grey area now. I hope his menace will return someday, man, don't ever redeem .-.

Metalblade94 Aug 20, 2018

Best villain in naruto