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yakash13 Apr 10, 2021

   ______       _____

{              \/             }

  \                          /

    \                     /

      \                /

        \           /

          \      /


Oskarthegod Mar 27, 2021

fuck you you piece of snake shit

Mirabili Mar 21, 2021

How can you hate Orochimaru, what's wrong with you people?

Rookblonkorules Mar 5, 2021

Definitely one of my favorite villains.

DesperateEffort Jan 27, 2021

He is one of the best villians and as a character SO GOOD!!!! The only thing I hate about Orochimaru is that hes a pedophile, and is always seeking to be a god. His nature is really intimidating even to someone like Pain. As a character hes almost perfect, but his personality is what makes him a really weird character to even rank perfect. His motive is good, and hes like a HUGE threat to everyoe in the Hidden Leaf so 👍.