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Wisteria85 Oct 15, 2021

My mans did some Very Bad Things, but I appreciate him for the snake aesthetic if nothing else.

(also he's interesting)

Rookblonkorules Aug 26, 2021

Definitely agree with the user below me- I absolutely adore this character because he fascinates me and also because the snake aestetic is something I appreciate greatly. (And also what's wrong with being a villain simp as long as you acknowledge their problems lol!) But, yeah, no, there are definitely some things that should not be ignored.

worstscenarios Jul 20, 2021

 As I look through the comments people only see his character and not his crimes. Some things should not be overlooked.

worstscenarios Jul 20, 2021

HOL UP ARE PEOPLE IN THE COMMENTS ACTUALLY CONFUSED ON HOW THIS MAN CAN BE HATED!?!?! His character development is amazing and I myself enjoy him more than I hate him (nowadays) But can you guys really forget about how he adducts and uses human children and adults as test subjects? He takes advantage of small clans and threatens them with his power to be able to confiscate their members to use as test subjects to have all of their abilities to himself. Most of them die btw and he has his subordinates fight to the fricking death with only a few survivors to choose which work under him. He's manipulative, power-hungry, selflessly selfish, twisted, and evil in all very bad ways. If there's a hell THIS DUDE DESERVES THE PLACE MORE THAN ANYBODY IN THE ANIME. This dude is seriously mental. Like I said I don't hate him these are all just facts, even my opinions are facts.

captain0bond Jul 14, 2021

he is the best villan of all time and era

any objctions