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TheIllIntent Oct 29, 2018

TsumiMitzuki deserves all the awards for her comments. Those are my EXACT thoughts and feelings on Orihime and how badly she got butchered as a character to the point where she lost all likability.

TsumiMitzuki Oct 9, 2018

Okay,here are some some legit reasons why people hate Orihime,for fans who only think she's hated only for Ichirukia's sake,stupid,superficial and misogynistic reasons.Seriously,i'm tired of people ragging on the anti-Orihime/Ichihime crowd.And to break down exactly what many fans have as issue to Orihime and the canon ship itself.

1.Self-Destructive Kindness.

<small>There is one big thing that brings disaster to Orihime’s character, one that doesn’t relate to Soul Society or to Ichigo, and only a little bit to the neutral female problem. I don’t know why it was done, but I do have a guess. And that is how she interacts with Loly and Menoly.</small>

<small>Loly and Menoly’s vicious and petty attitudes towards Orihime serve three purposes. First, they’re there to lend credence to that whole “Orihime’s had it so rough in Hueco Mundo, don’t you feel sorry for her?” tract. Second, they’re there so that Orihime can be threatened and need Ichigo to rescue her. Third and finally, they’re there so that Orihime can look ridiculously kind and forgiving……to an excessively stupid degree. </small>

<small>Okay, so maybe Orihime is pacifistic enough to not even fight back as Loly and Menoly literally assault her and threaten to kill her the first time. That didn’t mean she had to go and bring them back to life and heal them, either.</small>

<small>But let’s say it’s to show off how good at heart Orihime is. Helping someone who has hurt you is an incredibly telling act of kindness and forgiveness. That tract only works one time, however. Play me once, shame on you. Play me twice, shame on me. Or maybe it’s the other way around in this case, because how is this extreme kindness on Orihime’s part repaid?</small>

<small>It’s repaid with more petty assault and abuse by Loly and Menoly, the latter of whom at least seems reluctant–but Loly has no excuse at this point. Of course, neither does Orihime. It’s one thing to allow that abuse once, it’s quite another to allow it again when your friend is fighting another battle and really can’t afford the distraction of trying to save you right now. Not only that, it’s one thing to show your forgiveness by healing someone who hurt you the one time. If they continue to attack you, YOU DO NOT HEAL THEM A SECOND TIME. Clearly, it does not make any change in the abuser’s behavior, and at this point you’re not only allowing that behavior, you’re rewarding it. Let the bitch bleed out and learn a lesson. At that point, it looks less like Orihime is just so sweet and kind and more like she’s a fucking moron who likes people hurting her–and no, I’m not apologizing for “victim-blaming”, because she literally had the power to stop this at any time.</small>

<small>I have a suspicion of why that may be. We all know what Japan is like when it comes to their preferred female love interests….right? The way women are ‘supposed’ to be, which can be given a number of descriptors, which can include meek, quiet, subservient, etc….the more sexist depictions of this have fallen out of favor in recent years, but you can still usually find this “type”, and one of the big descriptors that will usually apply to it is “kind”. A Japanese woman viable for love interest should be kind, peaceful, and forgiving, able to take abuse and turn the other cheek. I’m sure there’s people that would balk at me pointing fingers at Kubo for going for a somewhat stereotypical depiction of what makes a good female love interest, but whether you think that was his goal or not, you can’t deny that the goal of those scenes in particular were to show off how kind and forgiving Orihime is. Badly-done, but that was still the point.</small>

2.Her characterization in Hueco Mondo Arc onwards.

Do not get me wrong,i liked Orihime best before that arc.She was weird, funny, a bit crazy but generally friendly with others, likable, and even really awesome in her own way (She freaking killed Numb Chandelier for messing with her friends! That's badass!). She had flaws, but again, that gave her room to grow and develop past them over time. When the Soul Society Saga came around I still didn't mind her but I did wonder why she was getting such a major role now even when her other classmates weren't.  With Rukia mostly incapacitated, it was starting to seem like 'Hime was supplanting her as the central heroine, which I was ok with.Perhaps her new role can give her opportunities to grow in terms of her powers and character...and then came the Arrancar arc, which led into Hueco Mundo and the long saga that followed. Suddenly the girl who wanted to grow up to be a giant destroyer robot, who killed a Hollow to protect her friends, who beat up some guys in order to take their uniforms for herself and Uryu, and who put herself at risk in order to help save Rukia was gone, replaced by a wimpy, whiny, mopey, needy, indecisive, overly sensitive, jealous and irrational, self-centered little bitch of a girl who held great power yet considered herself above violence despite choosing to take the path of a warrior, who was such a total pacifist that not only did she refuse to use her powers to kill enemies but would never want to use them to even HURT an enemy. While she's supposed to be seen as kind and compassionate to others, she doesn't seem to think twice about taking actions that put others in compromising situations and disregarding them when they cannot service HER on an emotional level, seen with how she strings along Uryu while actually feeling nowhere close to him the way she does to Ichigo, or how when she has to take leave for somewhere she'd rather say goodbye to Ichigo rather than her supposed best friend Tatsuki. She promises that she'll get stronger and learn to use her powers for a useful cause without having to rely too much on Ichigo, yet when the chips are down, she proves that all she can do is rely on Ichigo! The Fullbringer Saga tried to make her more like her old self but it came off as so fake and unnatural, not helped by her post-timeskip design. And the 1000 Year War Saga took her to lows even worse than she'd ever been before, making the character an irredeemable, unsalvageable wreck for me and ensuring that I could only react with disgust upon seeing her get rewarded with a marriage to "Kurosaki-Kun" despite all the crap she pulled(For instance,she wears a revealing top just to impress Ichigo.The actual hell?War is not supposed to be a place for you to impress your crush by wearing a crop top and a giant boob gap in between,NOT even for fashion statement!And again,she got pwned because her shield is too weak.) She ended up by far one of the worst heroines and love interests ever in a Shonen series.

3.Her actions in Hueco Mondo Arc.

Oh my fucking god.This will be the most controversial one.

Another thing, she always had to be saved, and every time she was she would always say “I’m going to improve so that I won’t be a burden on anyone anymore.” yet where was this improvement? No matter how many times her precious Kurosaki-kun had to come save her she never once improved herself, Only one time she actually tried and it was a half ass effort at best which resulted in her being taken to Hueco Mundo and guess what? Needing to be saved again!

Remember when she was confronted by Ulquiorra Cifer between the Soul Society and the Living World?He told her that if she didn't come to Laches Noches in a given period of time,he will kill her friends.

But here's the problem.She’s suppose to be SMART.Did she suddenly forget that Toshiro’s group was there? I mean, they’re in her house for goodness sake. Or did she forget that Toshiro’s a captain.. Everyone…Ikkaku, Yumichika, Rangiku, Renji, Rukia, Chad, Uryuu AND DUH ICHIGO(CAPTAIN LEVEL). And she met the whole Vizards bunch.I doubt Ulquiorra and his goons can kill them,let alone instantly.Not like they are her normal friends at school.

On the night where she disappeared,she Ichigo over Tatsuki to say goodbye.What a baffling choice.It's hurtful to see her supposed best friend crying to Ichigo about Orihime's disappearance.But you know what's the elephant in the room?

She nearly kissed Ichigo in his bedroom,while unconscious and unaware and she was taking advantage of this.(Strike one)

Many fans would claim that she was aware that she was wrong.Ok,i give her some points for that.But the fact that it even crossed her mind to do that is still completely disgusting.

And can we talk about that for a moment that she was uncharacteristically selfish?The only reason she went to Hueco Mundo with Ulquiorra was not to ‘try and protect’ her friends, no, it was nothing glamorous like that, the only she went to Hueco Mundo was because she wanted to see if Ichigo would come and save her like he did Rukia. Instead of telling them about Ulquiorra’s conversation with her, instead of believing in her friends, her comrades, trusting in them to win, she ran off to Hueco Mundo making them chase her into enemy fucking territory because she is an immature and selfish bitch who was jealous of Rukia.(Strike two.),Also does it give her all the rights to drag 5 people down to hueco mundo while they all come close to death?(Strike three)

On the side note,does anyone realise that she healed her enemies more than her allies?

Fans must realise that Orihime is not innocent and what she did is wrong.

karpoof Aug 12, 2018

elle sert a rien c'est tout, elle pleurniche juste parce que ichigo prends soin de rukia alors pour se rendre interressante elle veut devenir mechante ou je sais pas quoi pfff

TsumiMitzuki Aug 9, 2018

 And to those people who wonder why people hate Orihime,here is the reasoning:

People don't hate Orhime because she doesn't fight. There's nothing wrong with a passive character. The reason people hate Orhime (myself included) is because she contributes nothing to the plot and doesn't even bother to develop into a strong character. And her powers are terribly missused. Not to mention Orhime is a completely bland character. There's nothing interesting about her, she also has an almost nonexistent history too. Outside of her deceased brother which was dropped after the episode it was mentioned in. Sure Orhime heals people and without her healing a lot of people would be dead, true. But even then this is all she has to hold onto and compared to her cons isn't enough for other people. This is completely subjective in terms of opinion. In Pre-Timeskip, not counting the Soul Society or the first arc of the series. She becomes a very whiny and moody character, constantly going from happy to complete whining. She constantly disregards all efforts to get stronger and relies on her love for Ichigo to have him do everything or does nothing but become a glorified cheerleader. All while stating (I'm gonna get stronger) but the moment any form of combat or moment of truth arrives she comes completely moody and does nothing to contribute to her word of getting stronger. Not counting the Soul Society arc where she actually tried to get stronger. Anytime she wants to contribute or be a good character it's thrown out of the way by having other characters save her or her doing nothing to contribute overall. And again, this has nothing to do with her passive abilities. As even defensive abilities can prove very worthy in terms of defending yourself or standing your grounds, it's the fact she never uses them in ways that'll progress her character forward or in situations where they could count as useful. She half-asses it or constantly heals the enemies. In Post-Timeskip she's completely flat and boring and has almost no personality. Even her once cheery and bubbly nature seems gone. This makes her little contribution even more noticeable. Tsubaki is reliant on her killing intent, but Tsubaki comes off as useless because her killing intent is non-existent. (Hence why her powers never progress like they should, she limits her emotions to be strong in favor of just doing nothing or being emotionally weak that her powers do nothing outside of healing. This contradicts the usefulness of her powers in retrospect.) Sure Orhime's true abilities lie within defense and assistance. However it's also been established that her powers are reliant on her emotions too. Yet anything she does do she takes the minimal effort of doing it. Including her defensive capabilities. Considering she does so little of it in combat and when it is presented outside of healing she goes down so easily and her abilities aren't presented to their full extent.

3ASV226 Jul 15, 2018

She is not a useless character, she has defence power.