Officer Jenny

Aka: Junsar

Gender: Female
Hair Color: Blue
Rank #2,546
Rank #3,010
Officer Jenny

Officer Jenny is one of hundreds of nearly-identical police officers who help the cause of justice in the Pokemon world. While each bears a distinct symbol on her hat, Brock has a unique ability to see other differences between them. As nothing is more important to a Jenny than solving a case, her fiery determination can at times get out of hand. She’s commonly seen with her trustworthy, crime-solving partner Growlithe.

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Anime Roles

Pokemon Secondary
Pokemon Advanced Secondary
Pokemon: Aim to Be a Pokemon Master Minor
Pokemon: Black & White Secondary
Pokemon: Black & White: Adventures in Unova Secondary
Pokemon: Black & White: Adventures in Unova and Beyond Minor
Pokemon Black & White: Dekorora Adventure - Dent to Takeshi! Gyarados no Gekirin!! Main
Pokemon: Black & White - Rival Destinies Secondary
Pokemon Chronicles Minor
Pokemon: Diamond & Pearl Secondary
Pokemon: Fall Special Minor
Pokemon Journeys Minor
Pokemon Movie 1: The First Movie Minor
Pokemon Movie 11: Giratina and the Sky Warrior Minor Non-Speaking Role
Pokemon Movie 13: Zoroark - Master of Illusions Minor
Pokemon Movie 21: The Power of Us Minor
Pokemon Movie 3: Spell of the Unown Minor
Pokemon Movie 7: Destiny Deoxys Minor
Pokemon Sun & Moon Minor
Pokemon: The Mastermind of Mirage Pokemon Minor
Pokemon XY Secondary
Pokemon XY: New Year Special Minor
Pokemon XY Special: Road to Kalos Minor
Pokemon XY&Z Minor

Manga Roles

Pokemon: The Electric Tale of Pikachu Minor

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TheIllIntent Apr 2, 2019

@ShayminGratitude's comment: There's more than one Officer Jenny. How competent or not they are tends to vary.

GratefulShaymin Jan 19, 2017

Her incompetence is really annoying.  She always needs ten year olds to do her job for her. Also, it's inappropriate to wear makeup and high heels when you're an officer. Anyway, I'm not done yet and I've got a whole list of reasons I hate Officer Jenny (Yes, I'm treating them all as one character). 

  1. She's constantly giving Ash and friends crime-related information they have no need to know (and probably shouldn't know).
  2. She's constantly getting assistance from ten year olds and sometimes she actively seeks it. In Black and White, in the Dragonite episode, she sought out the champion, prompting Ash and friends to aid her. When their aid didn't suffice, she rounded up a whole team of trainers to do her job for her. So here we see Officer Jenny is endangering civillians (some of them children) because she's incompetent and can't do her job.
  3. In XY, a group of Malamar controlled her mind as part of an evil scheme.
  4. She arrested a robot. You do realize those things can only do exactly what they were programmed to and are not in any way human? If you're going to arrest anyone, it should have been Clemont.
  5. As I previously stated, her attire is ridiculous and inappropriate for police work. Fortunately, it has improved a little as the series has gone on.

Seriously, has she ever done anything right? Do the writers make her look incompetent on purpose?