Gender: Male
Hair Color: Black
Rank #602
Rank #973

Obito is a young ninja who studied under Minato Namikaze alongside Kakashi. Though he frequently clashes with the young copy ninja, Obito cares deeply for his teammates and believes wholeheartedly that the lives of friends and comrades are more important than following rules and completing missions.

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Anime Roles

Naruto Shippuden Minor
Naruto Shippuden Movie 3: The Will of Fire Minor

Manga Roles

Naruto Minor
Rock Lee's Springtime of Youth Minor

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SuckMyToes030 Aug 10, 2019

Ooo yes my thicc boi 🤤

TheIllIntent Jul 12, 2019

@Uchihahaha: The issue is that regardless of how much control Obito did or did not have over his brainwashing and radicalization by Madara and Black Zetsu, the actual push for him to do the things he did was that the girl he loved died without having ever acknowledged his feelings for her and might have possibly moved on with Kakashi when they'd both thought Obito had died. That is the thing he fixated on as he decided he wanted to follow Madara's way and destroy the world so that he could create his perfect little dream/illusion reality in place of it. Then by the time he's attempting to do this, he freely admits he long stopped giving a damn about the actual person Rin was because he's obsessed with getting a dream version of her that matches his ideal of her and will give him all the love he ever wanted from her. This is not sympathetic, this is a bitter, entitled psycho brat who wants to throw everyone and everything under the bus so that he can get things the way he sees fit. 

Any possible reason to feel anything but disgust for Obito faded to nothing in his backstory and is long gone by the present day. He was a wretched scumbag of a character who got off way better than he actually deserved because both Naruto and Kishimoto are overly forgiving pussies.

LilyNadesico Jun 6, 2019


I don't care about his reasons, he still caused (and helped cause) untold death and suffering upon the world just because he's a pathetic loser who can't accept that things won't always go the way he wants. Neither he nor Madara deserve forgiveness.

And you know what the worst thing is? That Naruto will probably have it written that Obito was just a poor misguided soul who nobly sacrificed himself to save the world from the evil Kaguya. So that everyone will admire and respect this piece of garbage who doesn't deserve any of that. Truly, history is nothing but the lie of the winners.

Obito is constantly shitted on because he deserves it.

And no, I don't think Itachi is a saint either. I think he's an idiot, a blind fanatic and a murderer who killed his own parents and innocent children because "peace".

Uchihahaha Jun 1, 2019

@LilyNadesico "Obito wasn't brainwashed, he was still perfectly capable of taking his own decisions"

The fuck are you talking about? He was a kid who barely survived and was then forced to stay in a cave with the most evil Uchiha and his creations(the Zetsus) who were telling him shit for months and he couldn't do anything since Madara told him that he's going to goddamn rip his eyeball out if Obito tries to leave. Rins Death was a part of the Brainwashing, Obito trained for months just so he can escape and get back to them, so of course, seeing your best friend kill your love interest who you loved since early childhood in front of you is going to fuck Obito up. It manipulated Obito into going back, just what Madara wanted so he can finish his brainwashing. And again, I never said that Adult Obito is a good person, but if Itachi can be seen as some saint, then why is Obito constantly shitted on? People are such hypocrites when it comes to that. 

LilyNadesico May 30, 2019


Yes, it was the case.

Obito wasn't brainwashed, he was still perfectly capable of taking his own decisions, and he chose to destroy the world and replace it with an eternal illusion because he was an entitled manchild who couldn't accept that life can be harsh.

Madara was at fault for killing Rin and for committing a lot of atrocities for his own egomania, but Obito is just as responsible for all the blood and tears that were shed. I don't care for his excuses. He does not deserve compassion, nor forgiveness.

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