Gender: Female
Hair Color: Pink
Rank #107
Rank #309

Anime Roles

Elfen Lied Main
Elfen Lied: In the Passing Rain Main

Manga Roles

Elfen Lied Main

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ReviewBonfire Jan 26, 2021


FFS, I never want to hear that again. At least she has so much intelligence later in the manga that you can't hear it from her anymore.

Terrible, how do you come up with this "Nyu" is it supposed to be kind of cute? And in the sense, she looks like a backward child who only says Nyu, but constantly wags her tits and nipples and randomly gropes breasts and provides tons of fan service.

nikutheotaku Dec 23, 2020

She helped me maintain my sanity in some parts of the anime.

LoveKawaii Dec 23, 2020

I wanna hug her!

Time123 Dec 19, 2020

people are annoyed at the fact that she says "nyu" all the time 

listen its pretty refreshing to hear nyu's "nyu" after all the bs and chaos happening

Fafette7 Jul 13, 2020

i'm sorry, but for me she really wasn't a good character. I understand the point of her character, an innocent, childlike being in a world full of corruption, but it doesn't make her a good character. 

I can think of plenty of exemples where an innocent character has an actual personality and remains completely innocent and lovable. No need to turn your character into a brainless kitten.

I'm especially frustrated because I actually like Lucy and would've liked to see more of her because her biggest flaw was her considerable lack of screentime despite being the most important character.

Instead, we got tons and tons of scenes showing Nyu meowing. Great.

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