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Rainforest212 Apr 20, 2019

she is so useless and pathetic, I can't stand her

Astelia May 23, 2017

Like brother, like sister. The goal justifies the means.

DoodlebugFour Jan 25, 2017

Why people dislike her is because she's a plot device. She's there to serve as a motivator for Lelouch, but she dosen't do much in the show for audiences to care other than to look and sound diabetes inducing cute.

Alquds98 Sep 11, 2016

Ugh why the Nunnally hate guys she screwed up once with schniezel (or however you spell it) you cant hate her for the one time. Not like it was on purpose.

mganai Aug 1, 2015

Her only real mistake was trusting Schneizel. Having the ability to tell lies and not using it on the worst in the series... really?

Had Lelouch been able to save her before Schneizel spirited her away, there wouldn't be any Zero Requiem, which would've been a good thing.