Gender: Female
Hair Color: Blue
Rank #3,746
Rank #1,968

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Kiznaiver Main

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Kiznaiver Main

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kamatcho Feb 5, 2021

Well,she isn't a bad person. All the matter is that she wanted to others to feel each other's pain and get her friend's back. She is lost in this idea,so she is not a bad character

Aerythrin Feb 1, 2021

a victim of poor character development. she should have been a tragic anti-heroine but instead, she ended up being difficult to connect with and rather bland. I felt sorry for her, but wasn't compelled to root for her at any point.

lynnear Dec 17, 2020

i did my best to try to enjoy her character but i just couldn't. i understand she can't express emotions because of her past but i think she was really bland and i couldn't really understand her. i'm not team chidori either or anything, i dislike her character as well. i just believe they could have done sonozaki a little better when it came to character development. overall, very boring character.

kioir Nov 3, 2020

literally the worst character in the series she is so annoying and her entire story and victim story is so cringe and unbelievable even for the already surreal setting the show is in. although trigger never makes second seasons i would at least like them to kmake a video of her body being slowly mutilated by a pack of hyenas #justiceforchidori

AnimeTundi May 26, 2020

I tried liking her but I just couldn't. She was annoying and I actually don't really care about her or her tragic past.

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