Nobuyuki SUGOU

Aka: Fairy King Oberon

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TakashiNatsume Apr 23, 2020

One of his tags is God Complex.....🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

Oh, I hate this guy so much.

AgadoNetwork12 Apr 12, 2020

I can't tell who's more badly written sugou or syura from akame ga kill

EternalPessimist2017 Apr 5, 2020

I get that as the villain for his arc, he was deliberately written to be hated, but I felt like that was taken too far with how redundant the gratuitous focus on sexual imagery became when he was constantly physically harassing Asuna just so the narrative could continously hammer in how evil, manipulative, and perverted he was, to the point that it got annoyingly repetitive-long after the point had already come across loud and clear for anyone watching that he was pure evil-likely because there was some belief that the audience would somehow require further motivation/convincing to root for Kirito when he sought righteous vengeance.

Aside from that, he was never entertaining as a villain, he also lacked a 'love to hate' sort of charisma that popular anime/manga villains possess, nor was he ever portrayed as anything more than one-dimensionally cartoonish and over-the-top in his evil but at the same time he was not uniquely outrageous enough to make him even the slightest bit enjoyable to watch either like other aforementioned pure evil villains.

KasaiX Mar 13, 2020

Screams funny xd

DcD09 Oct 31, 2019

 Burn in hell, Sugou.