Nobuyuki SUGOU

Aka: Fairy King Oberon

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DrewFGR25 Sep 15, 2021

Hey there jackass!! 👊👊

ChristianDeo Aug 29, 2021

Bro, what a scumbag; I thought he was your average power hungry villain at first, and so I I initially thought "meh," but then he lays a finger on Asuna, and holy shit man, he's a villain, alright. Just not a super one.

FishSoup1803 Aug 8, 2021

There will never be character that disgusts me more than this guy, like i thought i hated akainu from one piece but compared to this guy he's a fucking saint.

hoopymoopydoo29 Aug 5, 2021

Bruh who are the people that like this guy I just wanna talk

kanekistoenail Jul 9, 2021

funny how everybody is dropping all the hate on kirito but forget that there's this mf