Nobuyuki SUGOU

Aka: Fairy King Oberon

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winterwolf18 Apr 21, 2019

 @TsumiMitzuki eh. I disliked Kirito more, mainly because Sugou mostly only exists because of him. Both freaking suck though.

TsumiMitzuki Feb 15, 2019

I really dislike SAO,but whoever thinks he's remotely a better character than Kirito can go seek therapy.

NativePerson Dec 28, 2018

Please be gone forever. I wish you never existed, Sugou. You are a cliche villain and you make my favorite Anime SAO look like a thrash all thanks to you. F*ck the writer who make Asuna Dansel in Distress and create Sugou.

anifan96 Dec 10, 2018

He couldn't be more rotten to the core. Always thought he was untouchable and was completely sadistic in every way. Kirito should never have spared him.

SabreOtaku Nov 14, 2018

I have a question. Does Sugou hold any racist views? Does he hate certain groups of people like Europeans, Jews, Koreans, or Muslims?