Nobuchika GINOZA

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Randxm Jul 12, 2020

He's so handsome

yasmeen777 Mar 17, 2020

a good character develpement example 

JerryJoe Oct 25, 2019

Real question: Did Ginoza do something accomplished? Thanks for not becoming mentor for Akane.

MidnightFactory Aug 16, 2019

Is it only me or dosen't he look like  Sebastian Michaelis from Black Butler.

skittlemask Mar 31, 2017

A "male tsundere?" He was just "a dick" for no reason? C'mon peeps, did you even watch the show? Don't you think that explanation is too simple/really naïve? He was the token character to show what Sybil does to its citizens and how they're taught to behave. I could write a 10 page analysis on the subject, but that was the gist of how his character started out and what his purpose was to show us.