Nobuchika GINOZA

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skittlemask Mar 31, 2017

A "male tsundere?" He was just "a dick" for no reason? C'mon peeps, did you even watch the show? Don't you think that explanation is too simple/really naïve? He was the token character to show what Sybil does to its citizens and how they're taught to behave. I could write a 10 page analysis on the subject, but that was the gist of how his character started out and what his purpose was to show us.

Alquds98 Feb 23, 2017

At first he was a real dick to his dad and Kogami but he grew on me definetely not the best character though.

MetalTsundere Oct 30, 2016

I think he's a male Tsudere, his relationship with Akane and his dad somewhat resembles it

AoiNomura Jul 22, 2016

At first I didn't like him but later he has changed a lot and damn it he's so sexy without glasses ahhhh

Lordoxium Sep 4, 2015

Thought he was such a bad chara like omf get in the bin but that development just aah good good