Nnoitra JIRUGA

Gender: Male
Hair Color: Black
Rank #1,887
Rank #71
Nnoitra JIRUGA

Nnoitra is one of the stronger Espada. He has a lust for battle, even more so than Grimmjow. He is particularly rude, quite chauvinistic, and generally quite foul mouthed. When he is fighting, Nnoitra is unrelenting and brutal in his attacks since fighting is his sole reason for living.

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DhanaRagnarok Dec 28, 2016

Having a character that could be summed up as "the borderline-rapist character" was a ballsy move.

He's disturbing with his lanky form, long tongue, missing eye (with teeth!) and multiple arms.

He's much more interesting than Grimmjow and Ulquiorra, but the fact that his fight with Nel never actually got a conclusion brings his whole existence down.

What was the point of this character if it isn't Nel but some random berserker than kills him? He existed as a way to oppose two ideologies as to what a Hollow should be - a rabid animal or a caring, thinking individual.

He gets a broken heart from me, because he wasn't used to his full potential (...and because I hate rapist-like characters)

nek0mimi Aug 19, 2016

This guy is such a scumbag... but what can I say, I love crazy. Also, I think he's a more complex character than most people realize. Definitely more so than most of the Espada, with the exceptions being Starrk and possibly Ulquiorra. But it's all up to your interpretation, I guess.

llVIU Oct 8, 2012

yeah he did a cheapshot on grimmjow, but he didn't kill him. He got piled up by several characters and still held his ground,  he only got defeated (barely) by some other overpowered character that finaly aknowledged someone... but afterwards? no credit to nnoitra's devotion... but when ichigo does it, everyone has orgasms... oh wait, ichigo barely has any ambition since he fought gin, how amazing /sarcasm

Heruvima Apr 2, 2011

There is NO spoon! He-he. Awesome!

eclipsedwonder Sep 11, 2010

no character love for this one :(. I hate cheapo cheaters. 

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