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Tmathh Apr 30, 2011

i just finished wathcing this show...i loved it and the onyl thing i can say i didnt like about it was this stupid bitch i hope she dies in a fire in R3

veganstardust Apr 24, 2011

Oh my god, there are not words to describe how much of an annoying little turd Nina is. Sure, she makes the show funny at times. But only because I hate her so god damn much >___<

Mindfreak Mar 13, 2011

How can 100 people love her?!? o_x

PhantomPhreek Mar 5, 2011

FUUU- She pisses me off to no end..DIE BITCH DIIIIIEE!

TALESHUNTER1 Mar 4, 2011

...Evil rascist bastard...