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TheAngelofDeath Nov 22, 2013

This character is the true representation of a pit of dispair, enough to make one loose faith in humanity. This has to be one of the most racist, self-centered, aragant, naive, senselessly stupid, and most horrible friend to her friends Anime character ever!

This little disease is my #1 most hated person, for so many more reasons than I care to explain. 

She is among the most racist of all the characters in the show and for no good reason. When Suzaku first entered the school she was being all "Im scared to go to school now because there is an eleven there" and "How does Lelouch know him he's an eleven!" I mean at that very moment everyone stares at her and is silently yelling "SHUT THE HELL UP NINA!" In their heads, I know I was.

Her obession over Euphy was completely over the top far more horrible than most obessions I've seen. SHE RAPED A TABLE IN HER MADMAN PURSUIT!! She doesn't deserve to even think about her much less think that about her! 

She always blames others for her mishaps and basically betrays, insults, hates, and discriminates against her very own "friends" I figured she would get along well with Suzaku but NOPE YOUR AN ELEVEN SO I'M SUPERIOR! LOL 

She creates a superweapon that matches the power of a nuke and gets all excited about it and starts screaming at Suzaku to fire it at Zero regardless of the damage it would cause to the surronding area and whether or not it would even hit him. And to top it off after it is fired she is surprised by... what?? PEOPLE DIED FROM MY WEAPON OF MASS DESTRUCTION?!!? HOW COULD I OF KNOWN?? HOW CAN YOU DEVELOP A WEAPON OF MASS DESTRUCTION AND NOT EXPECT IT TO KILL ANYONE??? WOW!

OH I also forgot to mention that she threatened to blow up an entire school full of students terrorists and even britannian soldiers if zero didn't come to her! AND SHE DID! or at least tried to but her weapon failed. Thats just horrible to be willing to sacrifice all of your friends for the sake of someone who is dead that you barely knew at all!

Did I hit at everyone point? Every possible reason why I hate this disease known as nina? NOPE, but I doubt the chat box would have enough room for me to fill in all the details. Never once before have I so desperately looked for a way to punch a character through the screen of my computer than when I saw nina. 

RIP Table-kun

tainachao Nov 9, 2013

TABLE-KUN  WILL NEVER FORGIVE U!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

MissyGreenheart Aug 29, 2013

I feel sorry for the tables.

Snowstorm9 Aug 11, 2013

Why I hate Nina

1. She stalks Euphy and becomes obsessed with her even though they never even formally met

2. She's so racist

3. The table scene

4. She doesn't think about the damage her weapon could cause

5. She's cray cray

6. Her face

DarkDante14 Jun 13, 2013

Lol, #5 most hated character... THAT TABLE SCENE!