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FlutterBOSS Aug 2, 2014

Man, she is so irritating! Deluded, self-absorbed, racist, unlikable little freak. "Falls in love" with Euphy for no valid reason then acts as if she owns her, creates weapon of mass destruction and then is surprised when it causes mass destrction, unspeakable acts of horror against innocent Table-kun, etc. Bring back Shirley, Rolo, and Euphy and you can have Nina!

drunkenturtle Jul 26, 2014

god nina in code geass was the MOST annoying character ever. 

RandomMangaGuy Jul 23, 2014

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StargazerD Feb 4, 2014

TheAngelofDeath said everything right.

XxFunnYxX Jan 23, 2014

How dare she offended me (cause I'm Asian). Fuck her. Racist bitch. I don't know if I blame the producer/director for making that character.