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Snowstorm9 Nov 8, 2015

I don't understand why there are actually people who like this character.

1. She's so racist. And I understand that it can be a part of her upbringing, but even so she doesn't even TRY to understand their point of view.

2. She's also an ungrateful bitch. I mean Suzaku was an "11" but he still stood by Brittania but she still acted like such a bitch 

3. She's has an unhealthy obsession for Euphemia. Like she only met Euphemia a few times and that was enough for her to become obsessed. She's a yandere. 

4. She's mentally and emotionally unstable. Not the normal schizophrenia, depression, multiple personality disorder, etc. She's freaking psycho. Axe-crazy psycho. She's WORSE than the people who "CUT FOR ZAYN" and "CUT FOR BIEBER"

5. She tried to kill millions of people with her war weapon. 

6. She's ugly

7. She's annoying as fuck

8. Table-kun. Enough said.


She's all the mental disorders rolled into one with a truckload of racism, 6 cups of bitchiness, and a dash of undeserved self-importance

PanzernKern Oct 25, 2015

Its kinda funny to see that she is far more hated than the great evil emperor Charles himself who is the root cause of countless deaths and misery.

KisaraBear Sep 15, 2015

I don't like Nina, since she was pretty much useless and a pointless filler character, but I don't think she deserves to be hated this much. Maybe she has -- okay, she definitely has mental problems, but big whoop. A lot of anime characters who are loved do.

YourSenpai Sep 8, 2015

MY TABLE-KUN!! I feel so bad for you....ew.

Kuroneko1316 Sep 5, 2015