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Anubhaba Sep 28, 2020

She should be on no.2

Fking trash

Cremebrulle Sep 23, 2020

Poor table kun 😔

Dabioura Sep 12, 2020

She truly pissed me off. I remember watching code geass, and hating Nina lol. 

MangoIcedTea Sep 6, 2020

I feel so bad for that table... she can go sleep in a hole forever or something

YokoIsNotHere Sep 3, 2020

Uh sis was not in the right mindset, she literally molested a table. She's a racist hoe, who deserves the worst of deaths :). I know it's not nice to wish death upon others but i'm sure god will make an acception to my request for this special special person. Nina fuck you, you bitch ass hoe fuck.