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vmike Dec 9, 2019

Such a fucking creep

ilovedog1s Nov 5, 2019

Why dose she even exist oh after I lost a friend I can’t get over get over it and PORE lelouch he almost got killed by this chick what can I even say well whoever just had to put this character in sight actually she tried to kill him 2-3 times I’m pretty sure

doobie123 Nov 2, 2019

I hate her so passionately its not even funny. She's HUMAN GARBAGE and every time she shows up I want to punch her through the screen. She shouldve died at the beginning. 

lightwarrior550 Nov 1, 2019

Fuck this bitch. Nothing but a disgusting pile of human waste and a hypocritical psychopath. She should have died at the end.

oganimeaddict Oct 9, 2019

Bro words can even describe how much I hate her I want her to get stepped on by a knightmare