Aka: Nel

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corruptedalien28 Oct 23, 2018


animekid95 Sep 22, 2017

I like the adult nel because she looks beautiful and pretty

DhanaRagnarok Dec 28, 2016

I can understand people getting annoyed with her child form (she's a bit of a crybaby), but I personally like her as a child.

Her transformation was one of the best surprises in the manga, with proper foreshadowing that didn't make it feel too forced. Kubo truly was great when sickness and/or meddling producers didn't intervene.

Adult Nel is breathtakingly beautiful (second most beautiful Bleach character after Harribel, IMHO), with a personnality I truly enjoyed - cute and funny with the people she cares about, but immediately going into a calm and collected battle-mode against the likes of Nnoitra.

Speaking of Nnoitra, I'm truly saddened (...or maddened, depending of how long I've been ranting on the "could have beens" of Bleach before abording that point) that she didn't get to defeat him. After everything he did to her and how she humiliates him in this battle (she didn't fight in years, maybe decades, and yet kicks his ass easily, not giving him time to release to even the field), it would have been so much better to have her finish him - both for her's and Nnoitra's characters arcs.

Why she was all but forgotten until the final arc is also a mystery to me - although I suppose Ichigo losing his powers played a great part in this (seeing as pretty much nobody but Orihime knew/gave a shit, and Orihime is a airhead who had quite a few things to worry about and a lot of self-healing to do before thinking about Nel).

llVIU May 21, 2016

she acts in an extremely arrogant way towards nnoitra

Epimondas Dec 22, 2015

Nel gives the series a well rounded interesting character done in a fairly unique entertaining way.  She is a transformer in a sense.  In her weakened state child like form, she is pretty cute, clumsy, childish, naive, sweet, innocent, and her demeanor screams for protection but at the same time she is just a bit gross because of her overly runny nose.  One might suspect either some sort of mental regression in this state or perhaps brain damage due to what caused her weakened state.  In her adult form, she is even better.  She is still cute, but also displays a certain sexy air due to her shape.  Others might comment on her bust size in this state, but it is her overall shape that has appeal.  The moment she reveals her true identity, aka her tattoo on her back, is one of the coolest and most intriguing little surprises in the entire series.  Her look also has a certain unexpected flair.  When facing an enemy, she looks so mature, cold, calculating, and fearsome that she could make the king of the jungle tremble before her with just a glance.  Yet to her friends, she has big, cute, happy eyes and is the complete reverse of her face to enemies.  On top of all that, she is one of the strongest and best fighters among any faction.  The only thing holding her back is of course, her weakened state, but you get a strong impression she could do alot more than when she came to aid Ichigo if she could recover fully.