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AutaDamnedIdiot Aug 30, 2018

I wish this trash died instead of L.

ChxrryBlossom Jul 12, 2018

There are a million reasons why this kid shouldn't have lived. He stole every bit of L's credit and used it as his own, and even insulted L. He's not cute, he's not smart, he's an asshole.

Kuruzakia Jul 12, 2018

Worse than L. Near should have died.

BlueberryCrow Jun 24, 2018

fluffy boy. tbh he and mello don't deserve all the hate, they're both really good characters. 

TheDeathlyCryptKing Jun 2, 2018

I wish for Near's demise by Lord Kira's followers. There is no way that Lord Kira could have been defeated by such an imperfect human. May Lord Kira rise up again and strike down those who oppose TRUE justice.