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Axopti Mar 13, 2019

Whyy do people hate him. He's a calm character, and can analyse a situation without panicking. He got the job done, and made Kira pee himself out of fear, did L do that? I'm not hating on L as he is definitely my favourite Death Note character, but I understand why he was the succesor to L. People only dislike him as they tried to compare his character to L, which he doesn't live up to as Near is literally emotionless. That doesn't make him a bad character though.

Asono Feb 23, 2019

Why does Near get so much hate? Because he's a replacement of L? He's too smug? I just don't understand. I really liked him. He did an incredible job on picking up where the Kira case left off, and while it makes me a little sad to say, I think he is a fine successor for L.

I'll even admit, he did have some ups and downs. Like when he made that, "Smart-ass" comment on L after he first appeared. I did't like that at all tbh :p

but other then that, I like Near a lot and thinks he just needs more love lol

Cielois Feb 10, 2019

Near is best boi wdym?

L19H7 Jan 15, 2019

even not near

AtuaDamnedIdiot Aug 30, 2018

I wish this trash died instead of L.