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HitlersArtTeacher Apr 15, 2021

Near and L are 'near' copies of one another, except Near lacks depth and development. Hence, the hatred is more than justified. People can feel however they wish in pertinence to this character, but those are the core reasons we hate him.

Rookblonkorules Apr 6, 2021

I don't get why people hate him either. 

what did he do to y'all?

stuffedbear Apr 2, 2021

i haven't watched death note yet but he looks pretty cool i dont understand why would anyone hate him 

HoneyLemonWrath Mar 25, 2021

This is unjustified hate T^T Near is my darling babyyyyyy I love his entire character he is flawlesssssss

bri0323 Mar 17, 2021

how do yall hate him.. he is omg gayd dayum