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ukiyoko Jan 25, 2021

Ik I'm late or whatever but, hating on Near for being a "walmart version of L" is no where near valid and u shouldn't have an opinion. If anything, Near was one of L's successors along w mello meaning that if L dies then the others take his place. Same w the other people at Wammys House. And to add on, Near's IQ was very close to L's IQ. Near is literally smarter than y'all (including me) so please stfu. :*

Hak Jan 16, 2021

near far wherever you are

Clypsedra Jan 16, 2021

When he and Mello were introduced, I couldn't help but feel the bullshit coming. He rushed the whole pages of the Death Note thing to indict Kira on the scaffold without any tangible proof, but Light is clever than that, a big disappointment in this mere copy of L.

pukegirl Dec 25, 2020

idk why hes so hated lol, even if he was a rip off of L he's really cool and interesting and kinda hot LOL