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Anubhaba Sep 28, 2020

I mean i don't like near . But I don't hate him either.

He don't deserve love or hate 

SecretOtaku Sep 9, 2020

I agree with most of the comments below.  Near, on his own, isn't that bad, but due to the unmistakable similarities to L and pratically being a copy, but a copy that is lacking compared to L, naturally, I dislike this character.  He doesn't contribute that much, like, all he does is sit and play with his toys, coming to conclusions due to pure assumptions (unlike L, who actually had plausible reasons to suspect Light) and/or letting someone else do majority the work.  His attitude, posture and personality is way to similar to L, it could be because of the orphanage, but we see Mello, who was also raised in these conditions, develop a much more unique personality. 

FriendllA Aug 31, 2020

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sairaragomen Aug 23, 2020

i don't exactly hate this guy, what I hate is he's introduced to the anime. The fight between the 'justice' have always been L and KIRA, they should've ended it with L defeating KIRA or KIRA defeating L. 

AnnoyingJjbaFan Aug 5, 2020

Ok, I haven't read the manga yet so I'm not fond of Near for being a cheap L rip-off. L's my fav so it hurts when they tried to replace him so easily. I'm sure Near is a unique and interesting character with epic character development in the manga.