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shinigamisjuul Dec 10, 2019

if i see this little bitch again, I will summon satan to eliminate his musty, dusty, crusty lookin ass

RokiVulovic Nov 10, 2019

This white haired piece of shit single handedly ruined the second part of the anime. Light deserved better then this...

wolf2299 Nov 3, 2019

I really don't like near some people were trying to solve the case while he was playing with his dice, he didn't really contribute at all in solving the case. L was alot better than near

CrimsonCondor Sep 8, 2019

No. L is far more intricate, unique, and justified. Near was created with the sole intention of replacing L, and he lacks individual traits of his own. Therefore, L is better, and Near is a badly written character.