Aka: Salamander

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iliketoeatt May 21, 2020

Natsu is a all-time G.O.A.T Fuck what yall think.........

eslemsuee Apr 16, 2020

Natsu is our love! All the time he makes me cry. Because of his memories and past. I hope he never cry like me. If he cry, I cry too. I'm all fired up!!

TeamAlex Apr 12, 2020

No doubt, i hate this guy without any Limit. 

1. He is dumb, totaly dumb.

2. He screams only and cant even talk like a Human.

3. He is full with Asspulls und Plot Armor.

4. You just can't like him. Less likeable than hell.

stardust2222 Mar 27, 2020

the only badass guy with pink hair