Aka: Salamander

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lightwarrior550 Nov 1, 2019

It baffles me why he's even in the top 10 most loved characters. He's one-dimensional and isn't even interesting in any way. Also pulls power-ups out of his ass or used his plot armor to bs through fights. Overrated af and one of the worst protagonist in anime history.

CrimsonCondor Oct 3, 2019

I certainly know the "truth" about Natsu, and the truth is he is terrible. His character arc is far too slowly paced, he repeats the same things over and over again, there is nothing original about him, and he is way too overpowered and unrealistic for words. 

LucyHeartifilla Sep 29, 2019

 I think he is great character, because he care for his friends more than himself, and I don't know that why others say annoying character but you guys are wrong because this character is special, and sometimes he may annoy everyone in his team mates and others but except fairy tail fans nobody in the world can understand, I hate to say this but don't you think before you guys chat or comment because you never care or see the Anime fully 

And my request is that before you guys comment please watch or understand the story so you can know the truth of there character

Thank you that's it😎😎😎😎😎

BaagaJB15 Sep 24, 2019

I don’t dislike or like this character just really annoying and I’m more annoyed writing this comment about this character 

CrimsonCondor Sep 14, 2019

He is overpowered, repetitive, and generic. Therefore, he is an objectively bad character.