Aka: Salamander

Gender: Male
Hair Color: Pink
Rank #12
Rank #139

Natsu is a fire-based wizard from the Fairy Tail guild who has the nickname of ‘The Salamander’. He has a rather large appetite, so he can often be found eating. Though Natsu is freakishly powerful, his biggest weakness is transportation and he tends to get extreme motion sickness that puts him out of commission. Natsu travels around with his companion, Happy, searching for Igneel, the dragon who raised the young magician – that is, when he’s not fighting with Gray.

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Anime Roles

Fairy Tail Main
jp. MAKO
Fairy Tail 2 Main
Fairy Tail 2 OVA Main
Fairy Tail: Final Season Main
Fairy Tail Movie 1: Phoenix Priestess Main
Fairy Tail Movie 1: Phoenix Priestess - The First Morning Minor
Fairy Tail Movie 2: Dragon Cry Main
Fairy Tail OVA Main
Fairy Tail x Rave Main

Manga Roles

Fairy Tail Main
Fairy Tail: 100 Years Quest Main
Fairy Tail+ Main
Fairy Tail: Blue Mistral Minor
Fairy Tail (Light Novel) Main
Fairy Tail Matsuri Minor
Fairy Tail S: Tales from Fairy Tail Main
Fairy Tail the Movie: Priestess of The Phoenix - The Sunrise Minor
Fairy Tail x The Seven Deadly Sins Christmas Special Main
Magazine Ohanami!! Main
Mashima Hero's Main

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Slightlydurableboy Jul 26, 2023


*goes to grab milk to sip while you think about it*

jamesbonds Apr 24, 2023

My first crush in my life. Young and Strong, Handsome and Kind. It is Natsu. You can check out cubes 2048 to play games related to Natsu.

Isabellex Sep 21, 2022

The german voice actor is the same voice actor as the one from the flash.

BlacFang Aug 15, 2022

Excuse me, did I miss something? When did Natsu gain Invisibility powers? Manga readers, anything happen in 100 year Quest?

Kaeseolin Mar 11, 2022

If Natsu makes his friendship with his companions like Lucy, Gray, Erza and Happy. That I liked him a lot.