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malign Aug 14, 2017

He is a troll. 

Narutosd Jul 20, 2017

Naruto the best character and also my favourite grew up with kurama inside him lost both his parents and was treated very bad by the people in his village....he pushed his self to his limits to stop sasuke and to bring him back...he would make his enemies wanna be friends with him ...he faught bravely in the war with sasuke at his side...when the war was over naruto and sasuke clash for the last time and naruto brought him back to the village ....couple well years later naruto became the 7th hokage the dream he always waited for ....

HeyImCJs Jul 14, 2017

It was a joy watching the growth of Naruto from a kid that everyone was afraid because he was the jinchuuriki to becoming a hero, the hokage and everyone acknowledging him. 

mhodes Jun 11, 2017

Isn't it terrible I can't watch Naruto because the main character looks like my ex? I wish I could unsee it and just enjoy the show fml....

NatsumeJinko May 3, 2017

I love Naruto so much, he inspires me and helps me to get through life, and I can relate to him so much in what he went through. The sad thing is he'll never know how much he means to me or everyone else. I hope we keep seeing him cause his smile makes my day.