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Fabuzu Apr 20, 2021


"I won't run away anymore. I won't go back on my word. That is my ninja way!"

Rookblonkorules Apr 9, 2021

There's nothing inherently wrong with him as a character, but idk, I just don't find him appealing.

violetevergarden0 Apr 9, 2021

holy shit he is so annoying and loud.

lividtanuki Mar 15, 2021


inactive Mar 10, 2021

I honestly don’t like him very much. What he does is admirable, but he's so fucking annoying. And repetitive.

Goddammit bro, Sasuke wasn’t the only dude that was your friend, there was a shit load of other orphans and you just went for the traitor asshole. He doesn’t want you!!! So! Just ditch that toxic friend!!! Or admit your obsession was a crush and get married 🙄 

He's so easily offended, overconfident, and loud. People say he's funny, but its not. He's just stupid. Funny? Look for Hashirama, Tobi, or some other MC like Luffy or Itadori.