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Anubhaba Sep 28, 2020

Trash sakuratards and trash people hating him.

How can anyone hate him ?

Animeblcomicfangirl Sep 24, 2020

How on earth could u hate fis guy i love him to death the author honestly really showed his maturity....ill admit i was watching a fanfic of sasuke x naruto and naruto was the to the seme and i couldnt help but think that naruto was way to stupid to actually say the things he was saying to sasuke i couldnt help it it was the truth....i dont ship naruto and sasuke but they do have bromance they should stick as friends...anyway i love naruto and his stupidity somehow makes me love him more hell never leave his friends behind tho i wouldve just forgotten about sasuke if i was him but narutos naruto i love naruto i would love to be his bad hes fictional and im stuck with a bunch of fake friends who pretend like they care about myblife while they couldnt care less

Cremebrulle Sep 20, 2020

Naruto is the best member of team 7 (not counting Kakashi). He's very lovable especially in the original series

urseethingwithDVs Sep 8, 2020

Y'all some Fucking normies out here how y'all gonna hate sasuke then like Naruto? Smh .

MateusCarvalho590 Aug 24, 2020

I like Naruto. But Naruto and Metabee from "Medabots" are voiced by Junko Takeuchi. If in the future, Metabee has 29,500 lovers and 200 haters, and while Naturo has 22,433 lovers and 5,395 haters, due to numerous motivations, Metabee would be a character voiced by Junko Takeuchi, much better than Naruto, because Naruto has excessive thoughts, which causes their interactive capabilities to be impaired, which Metabee does not have enough of that.