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IzumiYoriko Feb 23, 2019

I get that Naruto's a great character and I love him just as much as the next guy but what buggs me is that he's just so stupid. Even if most main male lead characters are dense, Naruto with his childhood of being hated by nearly everyone in the whole leaf village he should have picked some stuff up like 'don't go into a neighborhood' or don't go into that shop' and since that contributed to his survival he would have been smarter then how other people veiw him. Following that line of thought he should have some sense that he could have used.

biribirii Jan 24, 2019

I loved Naruto but the only thing I never understood was where he got the idea he and sasuke had a friendship. Did I miss it? Because I saw them more as rivals not friends. And also they couldn’t of gave Naruto a brain cell or two as he grew up because he’s still very stupid lmao.

AkihitoZero54 Jan 7, 2019

A character with missed potential. I don’t hate him but it would be great if he had great character  development.

Quan1111 Nov 28, 2018

Naruto is my main man for he went through some hardship to be where he is right now 

He saw his Mom and Dad for the last time well Naruto i Hail to u 

manxsee Nov 2, 2018

Greatest Character Ever . . A Real Idol