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itschiswe Dec 10, 2019

This series has given me so much and Naruto is littarly my childhood hero growing up. Sure I wasn't the biggest fan of him at first but he grew on my each and every episode that went by. And when he finally got the title of hokage iwas like "yes, thars my boy! go and get it".. but for real I really love this caracter. 

UgandaLasagnaSama Sep 25, 2019

I like Naruto. He tries as hard as he can to get to his ultimate Dream: becoming the Hokage - the strongest Ninja. He has such a strong determination. I absolutely love it.

PipCheerio Sep 24, 2019

I don't like him. I like his design though. 

TheRogueStudent Jul 30, 2019

I don't hate him nor do i like him but he has one thing that Boruto lacks and thats determination

prettykitty652 May 28, 2019

I absolutely love him!!