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Niztran Oct 10, 2021

HappyBirthday Naruto, we wish you all the best on your Journey

AgentBlaire Oct 10, 2021


Divyanshunarayan Oct 7, 2021

That's not just a character , it's an emotion .

rbn1212 Sep 12, 2021

A character who always makes me laugh and emotional when hes backstory plays

MarieThatsMe Sep 9, 2021

I just don't think he was the best choice for teaching the viewers that 'hard work beats talent'. Most of his main powers were ones that he was born with, not ones that he had earned (ex, the nine-tails). He got a lot of extra chakra from being from the Uzumaki clan- which again shows that bloodlines are very important in this universe. Which I totally wouldn't mind if they didn't try to.. convince the viewers that it's not that way? Despite MC himself being born of very powerful parents? I honestly think that Rock Lee, Might Guy, and even to a more darker and villainous extent, Kabuto, are better examples of the theme 'hard work beats talent'- or more so 'hard work beats bloodlines and social standings'.