Aka: Number 7

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TheIllIntent Oct 28, 2018

Like with Nyu, I cannot see how you could NOT like Nana. She's too precious!

randomguy87 Mar 18, 2018

Precious cinnamon roll.

aryancoconut May 3, 2017

Oh my gosh, I found Nana to be sooo sweet. All she wants to do is make others proud despite the hell she endures in the series. She's so lovely.

GentleGhost Jul 10, 2016

The  most  adorable character ever... however it always run cold down my bag whenever her arms and legs fall off. It just looks so wrong... Still, adorable though. 

Yuisoku Jul 10, 2014

Liked her at first, but in later episodes she turned out to be soo annoying