Muru Muru

Aka: Mur Mur

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TheIllIntent Jun 5, 2019

You either really love Mur Mur or you really loathe her.

Personally, I love her. She was a hilarious character and a surprisingly great major antagonist by the end.

aryancoconut Oct 31, 2017

I will admit that the very odd design for a small number of characters in this show/manga seriously put me off 

Alquds98 Sep 11, 2016

She had no place in this anime the anime could have been the same without her so why does she even exist?

DILI Jul 22, 2015
Altair3140 Jul 19, 2015

I don't really like any of the Muru-Murus to be honest. The first one is CERTAINLY BETTER, but I don't find either of them interesting anyway.