Gender: Female
Hair Color: ?
Rank #15,287
Rank #1,138

Anime Roles

Fruits Basket Minor
Fruits Basket 1st Season Minor
jp. M.A.O.
Fruits Basket 2nd Season Minor
jp. M.A.O.
Fruits Basket the Final Season Minor
jp. M.A.O.

Manga Roles

Fruits Basket Minor

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lunchablecracker Feb 25, 2022

Idk, I feel like a lot of people have said this, but she was a stereotypical "girl who doesn't get the guy" UNTIL she subverted that trope! She acknowledged that even though she may still have feelings for Yuki, he will never reciprocate those feelings (at least in the way she wants him to), but she isn't bitter about it! She ends up growing, realizing that Yuki will not be happy with her and she needs to let him go. Losing the guy does not turn her evil but instead shows her that sometimes, someone just won't like you the way you like them. It may be sad, but letting them go is better than holding on!

Wisteria85 Jan 4, 2022

Same with Kagura, I actually respect that she grew up, unlike so many other girls like her who are stagnant throughout their respective series 

adelaine Jul 8, 2021

I like her, actually. I don't have the right words but it was a particular scene in season 2 that showed more depth in her character (which I think wasn't even intentional) Her character serves as a reminder that there really are people who no matter how hard you reach for, will remain unreachable. And there were people like her who will forever remain an admirer because they aren't.. they aren't the 'special' one. And I liked that. When Tohru, with minimal effort, became instantly liked by the Sohmas (and countless of characters from different anime that features popular people noticing them as soon as they appear) I think we need a character like her to be reminded of what happens behind the scene. Her character, for me, was bittersweet. I also appreciate the way she respect Tohru in the end and acknowledged her for the way she could constantly make Yuki smile like 'that'. She also refrained approaching Yuki because she was afraid that he will hate her and how she doesn't view herself worthy (like she doesn't view any other people worthy) of Yuki. She was a very complex character who was supposed to be stereotypical. 

Hxttori Jun 28, 2021

Even for a side character she was memorable

Halnad11 Jun 17, 2021

she is soo annoying

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