Aka: Ainz Ooal Gown, Dark Hero, Momon, Satoru SUZUKI, Sorcerer King, Supreme One

Gender: Male
Hair Color: None
Rank #374
Rank #4,445

Anime Roles

Isekai Quartet Main
Isekai Quartet 2 Main
Isekai Quartet: Another World Secondary
Isekai Quartet Relay PV Main
Overlord Main
Overlord II Main
Overlord III Main
Overlord III: Play Play Pleiades Main
Overlord II: Play Play Pleiades Main
Overlord IV Main
Overlord: Play Play Pleiades Main
Overlord: Play Play Pleiades OVA Main
Overlord: Ple Ple Pleiades Theatrical Version Main
Overlord: The Dark Hero Main
Overlord: The Undead King Main

Manga Roles

Overlord Main
Overlord a la Carte Main
Overlord (Light Novel) Main
Overlord: The Vampire Princess of the Lost Country (Light Novel) Main

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Europeanotaku May 9, 2023

Don't like him a lot he is sometimes a hypocrite

He has a few good traits but he has more bad traits his followers are also annoying me

Berch Oct 18, 2022

I'm sorry, but I think everyone one here is forgetting this world is literally a game. Don't think of him as a Hitler-like tyrant and brutal bully, think of him as some kid playing an RTS game... if any of you were in his position, you would probably either do what's he doing or much worse.

Jeez people, think for a damn second lol.

Jet Sep 9, 2022

A disgusting Stalin incarnate. Hated by his own creator (author) even. As he is usually referred to as an idiot in the novel lolz.

typicalanimewatcher Jul 11, 2022

Sasuga AINZ Sama

<div id="gtx-trans" style="position: absolute; left: 124px; top: -17px;"> </div>
WitchyBookNook Jul 6, 2022

Liking Momonga is essentially the same as liking Hitler, except somehow worse because how personal it feels when he murders some of his victims who may have looked up to his alter ego,  and he has no justifiable reason for many of his murders. 

He's a terrible person and it's painful to watch,  had to drop the series.  He's a murderer and if he ever returns to Earth should be locked up for life.  

His fanbase also attracts a ton of complete socio-psychopaths that worship the guy and see nothing wrong with his actions. 

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