Aka: Creati

Gender: Female
Hair Color: Black
Rank #271
Rank #1,474
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Anime Roles

My Hero Academia Secondary
My Hero Academia 2 Secondary
My Hero Academia 3 Secondary
My Hero Academia 4 Minor
My Hero Academia 5 Secondary
My Hero Academia 6 Secondary
My Hero Academia: Jump Festa 2016 Special Secondary
My Hero Academia: Make It! Do-or-Die Survival Training Secondary
My Hero Academia Movie 2: Heroes:Rising Secondary
My Hero Academia Movie 3: World Heroes' Mission Minor
My Hero Academia Movie: Two Heroes Secondary
My Hero Academia Movie: Two Heroes Picture Drama Minor
My Hero Academia: Training of the Dead Minor
My Hero Academia (Web) Minor Non-Speaking Role
Peace Sign Minor Non-Speaking Role

Manga Roles

My Hero Academia Secondary

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rinnyisrin Jul 16, 2023

horikoshi would rather sexualize his underage female characters rather than give us a drawing of his ACTUAL ADULT FEMALE CHACACTERs....shit atp i'd even pay 

invader257 Jan 27, 2023

Let's create for science 

wolfychann Dec 25, 2022

can she make a shirt damn

frutillita32 Dec 7, 2022

the guy below is gay lol

Lessermook Dec 5, 2022

Momo is a good character but she's mainly a wholesome Ojou-Sama archetype not given much to do. Basically Veronica Lodge, except she's not a bitch.

  • She's shy, kind, excitable when she has an opportunity to be involved with the other students socially, the waifu starter pack personality. Nothing special.
  • And more importantly, in combat, her shy side is contrasted with a tactical mind, very strategic, and gets serious, like Deku.

The issue is because there's 20 fucking characters in one setting, she's not afforded much developemt to properly show her getting to that serious state, just highlights mimicking a character arc.

Written horribly.

  • Towards end of Season 2's Final Exams they cram BOTH the dilemma that she doubts herself, & lacks confidence, and contrive the solution of her overcoming it in one setting, in one scene, in the same last half of the episode.

Completely skipping the whole "development" part, to get straight to the payoff, RUSHED. Amateur. 

And most of it is Aizawa spelling it out to us because Horokoshi thinks we're fucking stupid, as usual.

  • Besides that we see one room of her house in Season 3, find out she knows some obscure martial art in one of the movies, and find out she's rich, booksmart & likes to spend.
  • No depth, barely a character.

Besides that she's Vice President of the class, good,  but she's mainly background.


What i do like is those occasional moments when Iida is rallying everyone together for a plan and Momo steps in with a better plan, asserting herself, and he gives her the mic. (She does this at least twice in the anime & OVA)

  • The good part, is this looks good on her, the bad part is, where the fuck did this come from? 

We missed at least an episode or 2's worth of development & build up by it being crammed in one 10-15 minute fight scene.

(MHA S2 E22)


Horikoshi can draw, but can't write worth a shit.




Mind you, everything i've brought up had nothing to do with her outfit. It's a consistent gripe that i HATE her glorified swimsuit that serves no protective function but to make her look as stupid as possible, but it's a minor gripe.


The costume is not a strike against Momo, it's a strike against:

  • the joke of a School that issued it to her
  • her Parents who clearly had no issues with it
  • and the scumbag known as Horikoshi who is responsible for writing ALL OF THAT, & designed her quirk criteria SPECIFICALLY to justify why she would look like this.


Now, here's how self conscious he is about how he treats the characters. Season 2 Episode 21 the writes a scene where both Mt.Lady and Pedonight are on a talkshow discussing sexiness vs necessity to show skin due to Quirk criteria-


  • Meaning Horikoshi was self conscious about blatantly sexualizing the characters and using quirks as an excuse, so he argues why it should happen in the show. AND THE DEBATE WASN'T EVEN CONCLUDED,  it was interrupted by Mt.Lady and Pedonight arguing
  • So the man couldn't even finished a conversation he started, stupid.

If the he had to sexualize her like this, he should've used the amount of skin she shows as a visual indicator of her coming out of her shyness, and embracing her quirks nature, That would've been a more constructive way to use her skin exposure for a narrative purpose. 

Cause she basically looks like Golden age Wonder Woman, so it's not like Momo is the only one that looks like this.

But Diana is a grown ass woman, and Momo is a kid. Doesn't matter if she's one year away from 18, as the writer don't be a pedo, and put your characters on display like pieces of meat.

And finally, you want to know the fucked up part?

  • In "Two Heroes", Momo had a full body dress on, and she was able to spawn creations just fine
  • She spawns a goddamn CANNON from her belly in the Sports festival
  • And can quickly spawn objects from her arms in her training for the Provisional license exams

Meaning, Horikoshi himself demonstrates she DOES NOT need to look like that. 

All she needs is:

  1. Some Midriff
  2. Arms
  3. Hands
  4. Back

The rest of her body can be padded up, like Bakugou and Deku. So she looks tactical, prepared for an actual fight, not like a Vegas Stripper

She's not that fast so she doesn't need a formfitting suit like Asui or Ochako, she's literally a Glass cannon, so her looking like that was an intentional agenda by the writer to pander to kids and scumbags like himself.

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