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MsKakashi May 9, 2019

At first, I wanted him gone, but he contributed to the comedy aspect of it, which I loved.

CassiopeiaCallisto Jan 16, 2018

I like him very much. He’s the “good guy that deserve more” character type. He can be fun, cute, naive, innocent but he is extremely smart and cunning, always plan to tease tomoe but act all innocent in front of nanami. I feel kinda bad for him. The good guy always finish last and the spotlight goes to the main character. Being the main means you can have it all, the girl and everything. He is a really great guy. And i love man with twist personalities :3 he is smart, cunning but cute, naive and innocent at the same time. He knows everything, judge and annalyse everything silently. When tomoe got caught by the dragon king, his intelligence was shown and put to the test when nanami was in danger. And the way he treats unari is such a gentleman. Calling her pretty and treating her like a lady while the others can’t. And on the school trip, he watched the fireworks’ reflection in the sea water becuz he said the real fireworks shot in the sky are to blinding which i think is really cute 

elina101 Sep 29, 2017

As the story goes on, I got to admit that I absoloutely adore this Mizuki hebi 😻

To be honest at first, he used to be this creep who tried to take advantage (??!!) of darling Nanami and that i wished Tomoe would beat the crap out of.

But my opinions changed as the story goes on, somewhat i actually wanted him to be with Nanami just to make Tomoe jelly. (not so evil XD) Throughout the story, his personality opened up (well... differed) and became one of the funniest character(s) in this anime, gave me a good laugh in some of the scenes. This snake boy is sooo cute.(ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚

 Haha well, in one of the most serious scenes... he bought humour to it. (we know u tried tho Mizuki...)

MintyAmbitions Sep 25, 2017

 Honestly my opinions on this Snake shifted, similar to the movements of a snake!
On the one hand, he was funny in the majority of his screentime- and the realistic human expressions on his snake face was DARLING! 
On the other hand, I was VERY uncomfortable at his original interactions with Nanami... but then he was also adorable hilarious in hsi efforts and dedications. Overall, a rather fantastic character and I appreciate him. 

HarukaAyame Dec 16, 2015

I want to try some of his sacred sake (๑╹ڡ╹)╭ ~ ♡