Gender: Male
Hair Color: Brown
Rank #17,241
Rank #1,878

Anime Roles

Parasyte -the maxim- Minor
jp. KENN

Manga Roles

Parasyte Minor

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66Jesgre Jun 8, 2022

This guy was a serious nuisance in the beginning, but who couldn't feel bad for him on his last episode?

Rookblonkorules Apr 15, 2021

Ah, he and Kana were made for each other- both of them were awful

Antares90 Jul 1, 2018

The moment I met him, I thought "okay this guy is going to make some noble sacrifice of sorts" for some reason.

It was never the case. He was just some lowly thug. Honestly, though I'm not surprised Kana saw something in him (given her stupid decisions near the end), I just don't see it.

It would be neat, however, to see him change his way. Would have been interesting character development.

Epimondas Nov 5, 2016

Mitsuo is the kind of character that only brings down an anime or anything he is involved with.  His only purpose in life is to be a brutal thug that picks on others as if that would somehow impress a girl like Kana who oddly enough seemed disconnected to his irrational behavior.  Perhaps what makes him more pathetic is that he is never developed and never gets past his childhood ways so he never changes or improves for the better despite learning that he should in some of the hardest ways.

Gandeloft Nov 24, 2015

I've hated this character in the beggining.


He was just an object to project my hate upon, at least up untill the 12th episode(the episode after which I took the whole series much more seriously). Him and Kana were retards in my eyes, she was also a dumb b**** for having had said nonchalant comments in the midst of her boyfriend, this character, and his gang beating up a single guy. But..

As the plot moves on, the days of him and Kana were no more.Kana and Mitsuo were visibly still at a kind of good terms, but the fact remains, that she broke up with him. He knew that Kana lusted for Shinichi, and was burning on the inside because of it.

After Kana had died, after her funeral, knowing the strenght Shinichi posseses, Mitsuo came bursting with tears to him, attacking him violently while shouting: "Why couldn't you protect HER!?".

His only answer was a fist in his face(the words that were said don't matter).

The person that had mattered the most to him had died, and he had not come to the terms he wanted to be at with her. How did he feel, knowing that the one he loves, does not only lust for another, but doesn't give any regard to him in her thoughts to begin with. How does it feel, to know that the one you love, the creature whose beauty you were still hoping to meet, has died.Died, without knowing your true feelings.

He will remember her for his whole life, knowing that he was not good enough for her.The problem is that his hopes of ever proving his worth to her have been annuled.He will live the rest of his life knowing he was just an idiot for the person he only cared about.

I love that thought, and I hate the possibility of it.

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