Aka: Hunny

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TakashiNatsume Mar 30, 2020

Sometimes I forget that he's 17 years old. 

But he's so damn adorable.

Rosevecheya Feb 26, 2020


The most cure of the sweethearts. 

KingKonSama Nov 25, 2019

I really like Honey, he's such a precious cinnamon roll and definitely the cutest character from ouran.

I also like the fact that he's strong as hell and can kick ass when its needed, despite his small ''shota'' stature. + his hilarious relationship/interaction with the rest of the cast makes him one of my fav.

Nyukowo Jan 10, 2019

He is so cute!<3 I wish i could eat that much cake without getting sick :( He reminds me of Momiji from Fruits basket. They r both so keewt! >3<

LiteTM Jun 18, 2018

Made from sugar