Misaki YATA

Aka: Yatagarasu

Gender: Male
Hair Color: Red
Rank #972
Rank #4,878
Misaki YATA
I this character

Anime Roles

K Secondary
K: Missing Kings Secondary
K: Return of Kings Secondary
K: Seven Stories Movie 4 - Lost Small World ~Outside the Cage~ Main
K: Seven Stories - The Idol K Main

Manga Roles

Gakuen K Secondary
K: Countdown Secondary
K: Days of Blue Minor
K: Lost Small World Main
K: Lost Small World (Light Novel) Main
K: Memory of Red Main
K: Side:Red (Light Novel) Secondary
K: The First Secondary

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TheElementalGriffin Aug 29, 2021

It's rare to see such a foul mouthed character in an anime.

ValidUsername Jan 4, 2019

I like his design. He should chill a little thou.

elvenfetish Dec 20, 2016

The significance of this character is to contrast his values vs Saruhiko.  Misaki comes off as some annoying thug kid who's brash and unsophisticated, but the thing about him is that he appreciates his comrades.  Saruhiko does not and if anything, he comes off as one-dimensional for being wholeheartedly selfish to his objectives.  Misaki appreciates togetherness, even if it's with a group of people he might not like, if it means both groups share the same goal, he won't look down on them.  Saruhiko does the exact opposite as he's so caught up in individual strength that's his alone.  Misaki is really harsh... but he's harsh because he's sensitive, and Saruhiko realizes this an antagonizes him for it every chance he gets. Whereas Misaki is transparent, Saruhiko is difficult to read by most.  Out of the entire cast (along side Neko), Misaki really hated losing his comrades the most, but Saruhiko couldn't care less about such things.  Misaki is also extremely loyal to his king, and Saruhiko early on admitted that the only thing he was loyal to was power.

Epimondas Feb 16, 2016

Does this guy have any expressions other than annoying anger?  1 dimensional seems to generous a description of this character.  A guy like him with a fuse shorter than King Kong doing a marathon, doesn't make for the best character and more so if that is about all he has.  It is a miracle with his freakish temper and heavyhanded solutiions that he has not already gone on a mass street killing spree.  Ya just know a congested city like that is filled with nothing but the most generous, nicest, neighborly, soft, and gentile people.   Right.  I can not help thinking even in a church or Amish country, that he would be regularly tossed in jail for assault, killed himself by someone defending themselves, or kill a crowd before being gunned down himself. 

His in your face always angry attitude and look is not only horrible but so cliched that guys like him are a anime joke.

YataShadow Jul 1, 2015

yata is so cute<3